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02 - flexible squares S2

For free and paid accounts

01 No sidebar

preview (IE): 800x600 | 1024x768

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! I'm sick of people stealing codes!!
Read it? Now download the codes and enjoy :)

02 Sidebar on top


01. manage > customize
02. Select S2 - For users who don't know HTML or CSS, or make only minor alterations. under the Style System section. Press »save changes«.
If you want to add links to your sidebar, go here.
04. Under LOOK AND FEEL select Flexible Squares and press »save changes«.
05. Go to CUSTOM OPTIONS and press TEXT. Edit the text to this (if you want):
» Text for 'Current Music' : music
» Text for 'Current Mood' : mood
» Text for 'Current Location': location
» Link text to leave a comment: add
» Link text to read comments: (1) // # comments
» Link text to leave a comment on friends view entry: add
» Link text to read comments on a friends view entry: (1) // # comments
» Text used to link to the 'Recent Entries' view: Entries
After you're done, press »save changes«.
06. Go to CUSTOM CSS. Set everything to NO and past the codes into the larger box (the 2nd one)
07. Press »save changes« & you're done!

Before asking me questions please check out CSS Guide for Flexible Squares first and try to find the solution there.

Quick info
- Want a header? There are already codes for the header in the css that you can use but if you're not sure, go here.
- Yes, you can change the colors and mini icons...

The user and community icons were made by me.

You can replace them if you want. May I suggest my mini icon sets? ;)

credit for the other mini icons:
Graphic Push

p.s.: I don't have a paid account so please don't get mad at me because of the comments page XD. Oh and I wouldn't recommend using this layout if you're using PLUS account...

Please comments and credit if taking

edit- If you're having problems with the header, read this comment here.
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