January 28th, 2006


Michael Jackson music videos & misc clips

Thanks to the wonderfull people who have uploaded these to youtube.com! I was tired of constantly downloading and deleting his videos so I took an advantage of that site and gathered all the links to the videos and put them here ^__^. Enjoy! I know I will! haha

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Secondly...since I don't have a website for this, I guess I'm just gonna have to use my LJ account. Here are probably ALL the MJ files that I have (either on my computer or on discs)! Feel free to download and enjoy! :D
P.S.: this entry is being updated whenever I have time to upload more clips

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instructions for split files (WINRAR)
1.download ALL the (.rar) parts of the file
2.right-click the 1st part and extract with Winrar
3.watch the video :]

If you have any problems, feel free to ask!