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_evanescence_'s Journal

The Open Door to the Next Stage of My Life
21 April 1983
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abuse survivors, acrylic paint, american idol, amy lee, angelina jolie, anti-depressants, aol, art, art history, art therapy, artist, artistic, avril lavigne, better then chocolate, books, borderline personality disorder, bpd, butterflies, butterfly, cfs, child abuse, child abuse survivor, christina aguilera, chronic fatigue syndrome, college, computer games, crossfade, dance, dancing, depressed, depression, diner dash, disney, disney chanel, disney princess, disney world, dopey, drawing, dreaming, dreams, evanescence, fantasyland, flashbacks, florida, girl interrupted, girlfriend, girls, glitter, graduate school, graphic design, greys anatomy, hannah montana, homosexuality, house md, icons, insomnia, kate moennig, keeping you a secret, layouts, lesbian, lesbian icons, lesbian movies, lesbian novels, lesbian pride, lesbian rights, lesbian sex, lesbians, linkin park, liu, long island, long island lesbian, losing weight, lost and delirious, magic kingdom, mark ryden, medication, mental disorders, mgm, mickey, mickey mouse, miley cyrus, music, myspace, new york, novels, ny, orlando, orlando florida, over weight, pain, paint, painting, phi theta kappa, photography, plus size, poetry, post traumatic stress disorder, prozac nation, psp, psychology, ptsd, purple, rainbow, rainbow pride, rainbows, rape survivor, reading, rent, rent the musical, rides, scars, sex, shane, singing, sleep, sleeping, snow white, splash mountain, st. joseph's college, suffolk, suffolk county, tap, tap dance, tap dancing, tapping the vein, the l word, the sims, the sims 2, therapy, tired, torrid, tourniquet, tower of terror, vibrator, video games, virtual magic kingdom, vmk, walt disney world, wanting to be thin, wdw, wellbutrin, wellbutrin sr, will & grace, women, writing, yorkie, zoloft, ♀♀