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What I got For Xmas!

Here's the list of what I got for Christmas..

From My Mom...

1. 19' Flat Screen Computer Monitor

2. New Digital Camera

3. Crossfade CD

4. Flyleaf CD

5. The new Christina A CD

6. The Sims 2 Pet's Computer Game

7. The Sims 2 Pets game for Gamecube

8. Disney Princess Gameboy Advanced Game

9. Disney Party Gameboy Advanced Game

10. Disney Princess Blanket

11. Snow White PJ Set

12. Shirt from Old Navy

13. PJ Paints from Old Navy

14. Step Up DVD

15. Butterfly Poster

16. Disney Princess Chapstick

17. New Earphones for my Ipod Nano

18. Mickey Mouse PJ's from the Disney Store

19. Hannah Montana DVD

From My Sister and Brother-in-law...

1. a 700 Piece art Set with everything under the sun

From My dad...

1. A check for $75.00

2. His old Laptop that needs to be updated a Sony Vaio but this is also for my College graduation
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