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Trip to Spain. New boyfriend that always leaves. Romantic New Year's weekend in Tallinn.


Drama. Midterms. Trip to Stockholm. Drama. Introduction to CouchSurfing. Riga. Stockholm. A night out in London. Porto. Lisbon. Porto. Bremen. Riga. Home. Studies. Drama. Trip to Great Britain. London. Brighton. Drama. Home. Finals. Trip to Tenerife with mom. Trip to Detmold, Germany with choir. Dissapointment. Betrayal. Trip to Spain. Drama. Dissapointment. Introduction to Hitchhiking. Hitchhiking to Italy. Venice. Verona. Home. New semester. Routine. Trip to Tampere, Finland. November in Sardinia. 9 flights. Riga. Stockholm. London. Cagliari. Pescara. Cagliari. Dusseldorf. Riga. Living on a Couchsurfer's boat in Cagliari. Drama. Home. New year with family.


Midterms. Routine. Graduation. Diploma. Hitchhiking to Romania through Czech Republic. New job. Drama. Way too much drama. Break up. Bar designing gig. Photography gig. Friends. Concerts. Events. No drama whatsoever. Wonderful New Year's celebration.


St. Valentine's day with best friends and cocktails. Friends. Events. Bars. Clubs. Going brunette. Beautiful spring. St. Patrick's day with Couchsurfers. Green skirts. Couchsurfer's meeting every week. Beer. Photoshoot. Trip to Ukrain. Trip to Turkey. Home. 4AM swims in the sea. Music Festival Positivus. Music festival Summer Sound. A new me. Crazy, crazy, insane & goofy. Falling for a traveler. Birthday. Couchsurfers meeting. Events. Sagria parties one & two. A lot of dancing, jumping & having fun. September.

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    Reading news, Twittering, drinkin' Fizz and eating candy. Easter holidays make me happy.

  • Last updated 78 weeks ago.

    I became a Facebook person.

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    <weird rant> Last year I enjoyed my studies so much, I adored all the subjects, I always did my homework/reports and other stuff I was…

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