March 22nd, 2008


iTunes ♥ meme

Snagged from dgtall.
Instructions: Open up your iTunes and fill out this survey.

How many songs total: 3169
How many hours or days of music: 8.5 days
Most recently played:
Prodigal by One Republic
Most played:
Trouble Sleeping by The Perishers
Most recently added:
All Fall Down by One Republic

Sort by song title:

First song: About You Now by Sugababes
Last song: 8AM Departure by The Perishers

Sort by time:
Shortest song: [stef] by Linkin Park (00:10)
Longest song: Just A Day by Reamonn (14:27)

Sort by album:
First album: Absolution by Muse
Last album: 50 First Dates by Various Artists

First song that comes up on shuffle: Let Me Go by 3 Doors Down

Search the following and state how many songs come up:

Death: 3
Life: 92
Love: 171
Hate: 22
You: 358
Sex: 6
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    One Republic | Won't Stop
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