May 14th, 2006


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This day is awful...I mean it!
I got up around 7:30 and since then I'm studying, writing reviews, essays, reports...And I didn't even star to study for my physical education theory final...I'm sick of school! Can't wait for graduation, that will be the happiest day of my life...

Well, the only good thing is that my daddy allowed me to order any books from internet, so that I can read in english and learn the language better...The bad thing? I have no idea which books I want! There are like tons of tons of them...I don't know what would I like, 'couse I don't read much. Yeah, I really enjoyed the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, but it was in latvian. May'be I could buy "Angels and Demons"...But I'm afraid I won't understand it so good...And I found it in internet in russian...So I guess it's not worth it.
I like novels. Romance. Something funny. May'be someone can suggest something???
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