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tomorrow's much too long.

tomorrow = yesterday = today = the same thing = always

7 March 1984
&&&, , 2+2=5, 23, 3am, acoustic guitar, airports, alphabetizing, angry fictional doctors, angry rapids, argyle, autumn, awesome shoes, bat country, beaches with snow, being delicious, being really fucking on, being somebody else, being your favourite, best friends appreciation kit, biting, bookstores, borrowed t-shirts, coffee, cotton candy, creativity, delicious goo, doing it furtherly, doom happening, eunoia, evolution, expensive hair goo, eyeliner, feeling nostalgic, fire, foreign films, french films, fucked-up love stories, getting mail, girls with pink hair, green tea, hugs, ice cream cake, ikea, independent films, inner dialogue, intelligent conversation, kaleidoscopes, katamari damacy, kisses, kiwis, knitting, lightning storms, lime green, lipgloss, lollipops, long walks, lurning, making bad decisions, making other people's decisions, making people cry, math made of words, mixtapes, music, music+science=sexy, my handwriting, naked hot tub, necrofunlia, notebooks, people-watching, pianos, piercings, pillows, rain, raspberry tea, reading, really deep thoughts, rockstar, sarcasm, scarves, science, scientific anomalies, sharing my bed, shiny things, silly hats, skeletons, sleep madness, so there's that, spirals, starbucks, stars, strawberries, stripes, stuff made by google, subcultures, suicide girls, sushi, sweaters, taking pictures, tall socks, tattoos, thirty-three, thrift stores, typewriters, unnecessarily large furniture, unsent letters, vanilla pudding, wings, winter, writing, yay snow