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My life's a cup of sugar that I borrowed before time began...

...and forgot to return.

I'm not the boy that I once was, but I'm not the man I'll be.

airsoft, all night grocery stores, all your base, apple macintosh, backrubs, batman, bawls, beating virtual ass, being a hopeless romantic, blizzard entertainment, boobs, british humour, butt-kicking for goodness, cary grant movies, colt .45, computers, conspiracies, cowboy bebop, crappy horror flicks, cuddling, cute things, d20, dilbert, dingos, dnd, douglas adams, drizzt do'urden, drow elves, dungeons & dragons, elder scrolls, evula.com, family guy, forty-two, gaming, geek girls, geeks, ghost hunting, ghosts, good grammar, good spelling, gundam wing, gustav holst, haiku, harry potter, heath ledger as joker, hedgehogs, himym, inside jokes, jason webley, jazz, jekyll & hyde, john cleese, jones soda, kung fu, lasers, lesbian broadway!, lewiston civic theatre, lewiston wrestling federation, lightning, love, luck checks, luna, macintoshes, medieval weapons, mega tokyo, modest mouse, monty python, moscow, moulin rouge, movies, music, musicals, mythical creatures, mythology, ninja, norma jean, paganism, paper products, penny arcade, pie, plasma, poetry, proper english, questioning reality, r.a. salvatore, r.i.p. dak house, r.i.p. kasba, random quotes, reading, rocky horror picture show, science fiction, scratching, shakespeare, singing, sleep, sondheim, spam, star wars, stars, striking a pose, swords, tet, the civic, the lone gunmen, the supernatural, the x-files, theater, theatre, theology, things that go "squee", throwing rocks at sol, thunderstorms, toyota, twoo wuve, useless trivia, vanilla chai, video games, vintage clothing, vodka, wang, world of warcraft, wow, wrestling, xbox360, your mom