Психотерапевт Аскандарова Эсина Энверовна (_esina) wrote,
Психотерапевт Аскандарова Эсина Энверовна

мне тут на ютубе написали

Hi, Just found some of your vids on YouTube. Very Nice!

I just don't understand why more people aren't watching your uploads, I mean they are some of the best I've seen. Yours is some of the best work on the site in my opinion, it's hard to believe videos this good aren't getting views.

Your videos were interesting and really showcased your talent.

I find it interesting that so many people would rather watch the same ol' garbage instead of something new and exciting like yours.

Low view counts suck. I know, I used to have the same problem. I was able to start getting more views to my videos when I came across


I'd like to say that I really know how to drive traffic to my videos, but the truth is that I was lost before I started using the services these guys offer. I went from spending hours promoting my videos and getting one or two views, to spending no time promoting and getting thousands and thousands of views. Once people noticed I was getting a ton of views they started to wonder what the buzz was all about and that got me even more views. Using these guys was so simple and worked so well that I wish I had found them earlier.

I know how frustrating it can be not getting many views. If you're tired of working for nothing, then you should check these guys out soon. There is a penny promotion going on right now, so you really have nothing to lose.

Well I guess I've taken up enough of your time. I just wanted to say thanks again for taking the time to make these videos. Incredible! That's really all I can say. Have a good one!


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кто-нибудь может помочь с этим? почему не видны мои видео?

Upd. всё, разобралась)
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