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Ukranian gilty. No questions, no presumption of innosenсe.

25 of May 2014
I woke up with skype message from my Italian friend. He asked if I know that Ukranian's militaries killed Italian journalist. I said it's lie but he agrumented "All the TV channels in Italia skeaking about Ukranian gilty". I immidietly contacted with "Information resistance" by facebook and wrote the post with question what to say who can tell me the truth?!
The first comments were really stupid... But then after 3 hours I read the post of Dmitry Tymckup which cleared the situation. It is good that the refutation were with the facts from the first hands. I wrote this article and now you can also know the truth.

©Esina Askandarova

Another refutation of Russian's media rude lie.

Italian photojournalist Andy Rochelle could not die from mines of Ukrainian militaries, because Ukrainian combat arms were at the distance of a mile from Slavyansk.  Dmitry Tymckuk, leader of group "Information resistance" wrote on his facebook page "during the may 24 Ukrainian groups did not use mortars in this area. We also coun't kill him by artillery fire from the distance of 1,5 kilometers".

At the same time terrorists did mortar attacks by russian military technics in Slavyansk and in the nearist region. Building of clinical psychiatric hospital in Semenovka damaged. This also cound'nt do Ukrainian militaries, they never shoot in buildings of local ukranian people. It's a style of invaders, Chechen's terrorists, with their inherent cruelty and disrespect to human lives and to sick people. They don't want people in this region could recieve psychiatric help, as I understand((
Deep concern cause the murder of Russian human rights activist Andrei Mironov. He was enemy of Putin's regime.

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(by link on russian. Translation below)

I knew that it's russians provocateurs killed an Italian journalist. They act with all the rules of Gebbel's propaganda: created a case with difficult (but possible)) checking information like "Ukranians killed Italian journalist", then crosspost this lie to many russian sites. All Google links at the moment of morning 25 of May lead to Russian sites, where Ukrainian gilty is not questioned with the critical of schizophrenic... Russian media use this dirty method of propaganda to provoke (induction method of information and psychological war) hate wave to Ukranians. They even don't want to know about presumption of innocence or shamelessly ignoring it.

Upd. After a couple of hours the situation with Google-search for request "Italian journalist killed" totally changed. Ukrainian media also woke up)
upd 2. Next fake about this situation
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