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No one mourns the Wicked...

No one lays a lily on their grave...

7/1/07 06:05 pm - wow

This place is like dead! lol I miss everyone...sometimes I feel so alone :(

7/31/06 08:36 pm - CAN I HAVE SOME LOVE?!

Today is my B-day. It was amazing, and its so not over!

When it's over(end of the week) ill really update.

Final Thought: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

6/21/06 05:54 pm - Hush/Stronger

I used to go with the flow
Didnt really matter to me
You might think that I can't take it, but you're wrong..so fucking wrong!
Cause now I'm

Stronger than yesterday!
Now it's nothing but MY way!
My lonliness ain't killing me no more!

Stronger. Wiser. Better then I was before.

Here I go, Im starting over. So much Stronger then I was before. I like who I am, cause im not weak anymore. I've changed, for the better. Im not some dumb little kid anymore who thinks everything is a fairytale. I have a better understanding of how life works. I wont, no I refuse to lye down and "die". What happened to me, was good for me. I needed a wake up call, I was playing to much of a dangerous game. I see things clearly once again. Its time to start over.

Once again....Stronger than yesterdays! Now it's nothing but MY way!

1/24/05 10:19 pm - You Want In? Add Me

1/20/05 09:12 pm - AWWWW!

Pics of Andy and I!...we look cute, I just wish I didn't look so bad...and if u can tell...he messed up my hair and made me blush *makes innocent look* Oh, I love him Mwah!


1/18/05 04:13 pm - Praying

For the past couple of days, I have found myself praying to the gods A LOT lately. For myself, for others. I dunno, I have this really bad feeling some terrible is going to happen. And it scares me, cause I am not exactly sure what it is. I just feel that everyday that passes, it draws closer. I just hope I can handle it. *sighs*

Final Thought: Dear goddess keep me and those I love safe, protect them.

Blessed Be

1/16/05 11:41 am - mmk

Life has been rather well lately, and I am enjoying it. I haven't been on much lately,
so it seems that is a cause for net friends to stop being friends with me. It is rather immature, but I am not gonna stop what you feel you have to do. It is weird, I have been listening to a lot of Disney songs lately, and I enjoy singing a long. I am such a dork, but that is ok because that is why I am so popular...you'll be popular just not quite as popular as me! mwhahaha Wicked..I really wanna go see that.

Final Thought: Is it so wrong for me to take time....just for me? To just be happy, and be who I am? If it is, deal with it or move on...I am choosing to be happy. And Andy will be here in 4 hours!!! omgs I love him so much, yeah and I miss Josh, and Gumby <3

Blessed Be

1/8/05 02:15 pm - Suppressing Emotions

I am seeing so much stupidity around me, and I find myself wanting to lash out and say how I feel about it. But I can't, and I won't. I know mistakes are apart of life, and I know that we have to experience things for ourselves. But sometimes I can't understand why we can't learn from others mistakes, why we can't look at another person see how badly they fucked up and NOT do what they did. You may be confused as to what I am saying, and maybe this is a good thing for what I am thinking and what I am talking about could get me into trouble with a few people. But yeah, some people are annoyed that I am not speaking up....voicing my opinion. I admit I know where I stand in certain peoples lives, and I know that in SOME cases my opinion means a lot but I am just a friend....I am in NO position to tell people how to lead their lives. And if anything that is what I learned most in 2004. That was one of my problems, I found my friends getting mad at me for I was meddling in things I really had no business being in. And that is how I have grown, I know my place and I know what I can and can't say.
I admit that their are certain people doing certain things I don't like, but I really can't say that it is wrong because I to have done stupid things in the past. I strongly dislike hypocrites, and that is what I made myself into last year. And I don't wanna be like that this year, so you will see a lot of GOOD changes in me this year as I see a lot of changes in you. As I am running out of things I want to say, I would like to add that I am sorry for being as harsh as I have been with some of you. And know that the things I said were out of me caring so much for you..and NEVER ment to hurt you. Sorry.

Final Thought: I have accepted and understood that things have to change, and that they can never remain the same. I am changing, growing, and in my opinion becoming a better person. Becareful my friends use good judgment and know I am always here 4 u.

Blessed Be

1/3/05 08:46 pm - Remember me

Tell me the 3 best or worst memories of me in 2004. This should be good

Blessed Be

1/1/05 08:43 pm - 2004-2005

So another year gone by, I have lots to look forward to. And though I had a lot of problems in 2004, I learned from them and there were a lot of good times in there. And I just hope that 2005, will be better..cause time should get better as it moves on.

Final Thought: There is so much I wanna say, but it would lead to me bitching. I am not liking what I am seeing, but don't worry you wont hear me saying anything about it. I have said to much in the past and it had gotten me into trouble. But all I have to say is this, just be careful in choices you make....and know I will always be here for you.

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