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x-x ErNeSt IcOnS x-x

All authentic!

12 November
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  • _ernesticons_@livejournal.com

This is an Icon Journal! So far katiekinz (myself) am the only Icon Poster but if you have experience and are interested please e-mail me @ katie_em_sanchez@hotmail.com! Enjoy and don't forget to read the rules!

(1)Always give credit in the keywords to _ernesticons_ for any icons you find here. You may use my icons at GJ or any other journal or site as long as you still credit _ernesticons_@lj.com! If you fail to do so, you will be banned.

(2)When *joining* add me first. I will not add you back if you haven't already added me. If you fail to do the following you will not be added back: don't comment after you add me,aren't crediting other icon-makers.

(3)Always comment to let me know that you are taking an icon.

(4)Please do not change my icons in anyway. If I say that you can, you may but if I do not please just leave them the way they are.

(5)If you want to request an icon comment on one of my icon posts, not the Friends Only post.

(6)Do not claim my icons as your own.

(7)No Direct Linking!! I do have a bandwith limit on most of the places where I upload my icons so please upload them to your own server, or simply save them.

(8)If you fail to follow the rules you will most likely be banned! Please keep in mind starting drama, or being rude is not tolerated here.

*Don't know how to credit in the keywords? Here's a tutorial by merky Click here for the tutorial!*

If you'd like to be one please e-mail me (katie_em_sanchez@hotmail.com) or comment on one of the posts, thank-you!

*Make sure to include the link URL to your icon journal/community.*

Here are some examples of my work...TBA

merky--> For the wonderful tutorial!

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