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ANTM & WAT - I Fall So Hard
November 24th, 2005 10:27 pm

Just my opinion of the latest ANTM & WAT eppies.

These were made by a poster on FORT by ANTMfans. I think they look much better than the final results:

Wow! This episode changed my opinions a LOT. I actually missed everything, except for most of the judging, because I went to the mall with my sister and her family, then out to dinner with them plus my parents. But I read the reviews on FORT and watched all the extra clips on UPN.com. Can I just say this is the psycho bitch cycle? Between Jayla and Bre, Lisa was way sane. Okay, maybe not, but I wouldn't trust Jayla and Bre to be in the same room that I sleep in! They'd easily slit your throat if they thought you looked at them wrong.

A brief mention of the photos: great concept, stupid execution. They took classic art and gave each girl a subject (i.e., Nicole was Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring) and they had to imitate the poses. Then, someone took the simplistic photos, photoshopped them to death with horrendous modern art touches, and made another hideous photo to add to their portfolios. Bre's was actually nice overall (despite my new hatred for her), and I think she got an unfair advantage. Someone on FORT posted Nicole's portrait with a black background. Major improvement! Credit to FORT:

Compared to this, I think the above is much better. Although the stylist/art director seemed to forget that what makes Vermeers portrait so striking is the bright blue cloth and yellow scarf. It stands out against the drab background. Nicole's dress and the rest of her outfit is not right. Too neutral. She needs more brightness to make her skin stand out. Also, the red lipstick is too overdone. The original girl didn't have any cosmetics on her skin, it seems. And Nicole's earrings are too... I don't know. What's wrong with pearl droplets again? It just seems like they were trying to go for modern, pop art, but it sucks.

Here's the original portrait, btw:

For those who missed it, Bre's granola bars were "stolen." So, Miss Bronx decides to retaliate against the culprit, my Nicole, despite having no proof at all, by stealing her Red Bull drinks. She drank one, and poured two others out? Or was it all of them? I can't remember and don't care. As Bre said before, "That ain't right." Nicole was apparently whiny this episode, but I still love her. She actually cried to Kim about it, probably more about Bre accusing her, than pouring out the drinks.

Kim has gotten close to Nicole, after Kyle and Sarah left, and she tried to stay out of the Bre vs. Nicole showdown. But apparently Bre found her association with Nicole too much, because she poured out Kim's part of her wine, and replaced it with water. Huh? I don't even understand where that came from. Nicole confronted Bre later after their shoot, during which Bre tries to distract Nicole by being a fool. Yet, Bre's all, "You know where your drinks are. Stealing means not knowing where your stuff is." Again, huh? That shit don't make no sense, ghetto queen!

During the panel, Bre gets her come uppance. Yay! :) Bitch sure as hell needs Tyra to rip her a new one, but Tyra didn't. Tyra did say, however, that Bre was acting the fool on the photo set and wasn't professional. Instead of apologizing or even explaining her insane actions, Bre gets defensive. Uh-oh! You know what that means, right? Tyra asks all of the models their opinion about what occured. Kim explains the granola thing in a way that shows just how stupid Bre's presumptions were. Tyra asks Nicole, who also answers in a manner that puts Bre at a disadvantage. However, Bre put herself in that spot. Anyway, Tyra uses Bre's stupidity to give one of her morals of the story about how a girl she lived with accused her of stealing something, too, and how it stems from insecurity or some shit like that. Anyway, basically, Bre gets a Tyra set-down, gentle though it might be in comparison to Ty-rant with Tiffany last cycle...

Best moment of the panel has got to be when Bre starts mumbling like the freaky wack job she is during Kim's evaluation. It was funny, because Kim bought the necklaces she wore during the shoot. Tyra made an off-hand comment about "models being known for stealing" clothing/accessories off photo sets, and commended Kim for her honesty. Well, apparently, everything's about Bre. Because she takes it personally and starts rolling her eyes and silent tears fall. Man, even she knows how much she screwed up, I thought. However, it's just not so. Because as the girls waited for the panel to decide, Bre goes off on Kim. She calls her an ugly person and possibly says, "God don't like ugly." (I think it was then) Irony, much? I guess Bre would know what God doesn't like, since she's the freaking spawn of the devil.

Yet, poor Kim was chosen to go. I didn't particularly care for her shoot this week, although the pigeon pic was good. But this is what I posted on FORT:

I liked Kim so much more this past episode. And, of course, she has to leave. Her body may not be top model, imho, but her loyalty to Nicole was great. And her compusure about the Bre thing in panel was awesome. I'm glad she didn't let Bre get away with her wack behavior. I think in the end, Kim showed why she had so many friends on the show... besides psychotic Bre and wacky Jayla. I was rather surprised that Kim was totally kissing up to Bre in one of the extra clips about the granola thing. Bre was just outrageous. And then pouring Kim's wine out? As Bre would say, "That ain't right." Anyway, I could see Kim doing print work and rocking!

Bre should have been out. With her stank-ass attitude, she will never get far. And the panel worries about Nicole? Yeah, okay, that makes sense! This is one instance that I think peronality/attitude should prevail a lot more over pics. Kim deserved to still be there, because Bre should be gone. Point blank. Damn you, Tyra! I hope Nicole rocks the go-sees next week. Bre forgets her portfolio, which is hilarious. She's by-passed Jayla as the bitch this cycle, which I doubted was possible. Nicole better make top three! :)

I finally saw a full episode of WAT, because MTB wasn't on this week. Anyway, it was okay. Nothing exciting or that great. It's supposed to be hot, because Jack gets a love interest. Where's the love, Mary (the new agent/character/possible love interest)? LOL! Anyway, I don't hate Elena or even dislike her. I think she adds a new dynamic to the show. But six agents means little MJB time and less personal details about the agents. I hate that! It makes a MS reunion unlikely any time soon. Which makes me feel dour. :( And it feels like the Jack Malone show again, which I know some fans felt like it was heading in that direction before. It was sweet how Jack sets up Mary with his friend, because he seemed to feel an attraction to her for a moment. It was nice to see Elena and Sam paired up, but too little of the other agents were seen. I think MJB was there for a minute. It was all Jack, all the time. Which wouldn't be bad, if it wasn't a trend...