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Daily snark:

Do you guys remember this monster-song "Umbrella...ella...ella" ? Today all the gossip blogs ( yes, I peak at those sometimes) are full of "SHOCKING" news: On the night of Grammy Awards, Rihanna got assaulted by her boyfriend as they were leaving one of the pre-Grammys parties. The situation is serious, as she is seriously injured and he's now facing up to 9 years in boys-only zone for domestic abuse. Good for him, I say. If he really was man enough to hit a woman ( any woman - I'm not saying this as a Rihanna fan, I am not), then he deserves "to go to jail and become somebody's bitch - to quote a wise person.
But, there's one aspect of this whole case that really amuses the giggles out of me - "Mr. Brown" allegedly used an umbrella as his weapon of choice....

Vintage X Files pic!spam for your viewing pleasure

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