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Ianto Jones to the rescue.

Ianto Jones please report to the infirmary. Ianto Jones report to the infirmary...

Eri: I'm SLEEPY. Dead-beat-can't-scratch-my-ear-if-I-wanted-to sleepy... It might have something to do with the fact that I had less than 4 hours of sleep last...erm...morning.

Imaginary friend, who has yet to be named: It's not like -somebody- made you stay awake all night. You decided that watching SGA re-runs was far more interesting than sleeping....*g* what's your problem?

Eri: I wasn't exactly planning on getting up at 9am, either....

IF (... Iffy?): Again, nobody ordered you to.

Eri: Yeah, I know.... It's unnatural *blink, blink, yaaaaawn*

Iffy: Just go get some coffee and start switching those butts for Iri!

Eri: That would be nice, aye. Problem is: not even that industrial-strength espresso is doing the trick >.< I'm ....

Iffy: Yeah, we heard you the first time....

Eri: *dozes off mumbling about sexy chunks and Photoshop*

Iffy: *slaps Eri* Would you like me to arrange for an IV?

Eri: Yes, please....

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