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Update on the life of the Limephant

*yawn* Good mornin' o_O
First off, I owe apologies to all of you, who sent me PMs in the past few days. I haven't gotten around to answering them yet because RL is keeping me super busy. That, and I think I might be coming down with something >.< I'm sleepy all the time. Anyhow, I promise you'll get my replies by erm... Monday morning? Sounds good? Good. Now, a few quick facts.

The messed up layout you see is the result ongoing design changes *cough* I forgot all I ever known about CSS. I'm changing not only the layout- both profile bio and the old friending policy have to go.
On a completely unreletad note- I'm gonna have to adjust my opinion about icontests, seeing how I scored in another two of those - longer note on the irony of this to come.
Also, parents are preparing to go home tomorrow ( for a week), so maybe, -maybe-, my muse will show up.
In Dog news - Atos tried to run away this morning, he jumped on the doorknob and made it all the way to the building main entrance, before a neighbour spotted him and buzzed us. Surprisingly, parents didn't notice that the door were wide open for about 20 minutes o_O.
Got lots of pictures of both Laara and Atos- will upload when I get the time.

Note to self: resolve the name issue.
I'm sure I forgot about something... my caffeine level is dropping.

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