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Daily snark:

Do you guys remember this monster-song "Umbrella...ella...ella" ? Today all the gossip blogs ( yes, I peak at those sometimes) are full of "SHOCKING" news: On the night of Grammy Awards, Rihanna got assaulted by her boyfriend as they were leaving one of the pre-Grammys parties. The situation is serious, as she is seriously injured and he's now facing up to 9 years in boys-only zone for domestic abuse. Good for him, I say. If he really was man enough to hit a woman ( any woman - I'm not saying this as a Rihanna fan, I am not), then he deserves "to go to jail and become somebody's bitch - to quote a wise person.
But, there's one aspect of this whole case that really amuses the giggles out of me - "Mr. Brown" allegedly used an umbrella as his weapon of choice....

Vintage X Files pic!spam for your viewing pleasure

Once upon a time, when Mulder was still very young, he confessed that he...

... still feared the sock monster living under his bed

After she heard it, Scully was trying really hard not to laugh at him

but she failed miserably, and soon...

... the Boss called Mulder into his office, to tell him that it was time Mulder got over his ridiculous fears, but as he was saying that....

... he got a message that the love of his life came to see him... "ELIZABETH?! SHE'S FOUND ME?"

As Elizabeth stepped into the room, Steven suddenly regretted he didn't have a bed in his office ... to hide underneath it....

"Liz... what's with the pole?"

Last time we heard about Steven, he was hiding under his bed and agent Mulder was sitting on the floor next to it, convincing his boss that, indeed, Elizabeth was out there... far, far away, in the Pegasus Galaxy, hauting Mckay's computers.

The End.
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