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Guess What?!? [06 Jan 2004|06:11am]

Comment if you want me to add you and if I think we could be actual friends, I'll add you back!
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Taken From showbread.net [13 May 2003|10:59pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Tonight is the last night that I will walk alone. Tonight is the last night I will call this place my home. I have fought many windmills, and chased after wind, I've clasped my hands around nothing again and again. We're all just bleeding to death from self inflicted wounds, we're all obtaining careers to provide our dooms. Blindfolded and naive, lay our treasures in our fireplaces, place our children on the train tracks and pull the wool over their faces. I have made some twine with selfish ambition and thread, and sewed up my cuts before I'd be dead. I tied knots with faith in the world and myself, living for pleasure and toiling for wealth. I played outside for years with a butterfly net, chasing the wind every day before the sun set. Then I cried into my pillow and clinched my fists, and looked for new things to sew up my wrists. Ignoring the voice that whispered "Goodnight sweetheart.." I refuse to admit the stitches are coming apart.

The years all went by and I am alone, everything has turned to dust that I called my own. I can't find something worth anything as far as I can see, the jars for the wind I've been chasing are empty. Nothing in this world has lasted or put hope in my heart, the stitches have unraveled and are coming apart.

Just beneath my wrists I watched this scarlet puddle grow, I can't find anything more that I can use to sew. At the end of my rope is dangling a noose, I have tied while living for nothing, and found nothing of any use. I am tired of fighting windmills and I'm tired of chasing the wind, I will not open my hands to find nothing ever again.

Then His voice whispered to me before I closed my eyes, "I have already given you My life, so why is it that you choose to die?" Then I saw Him there standing over me, I covered my wrists, afraid that He would see. I couldn't look in His eyes and I felt so ashamed, I tried to hide all the blood colored stains. And my voice was shaking as i started to cry, I could feel that soon I was going to die. "I have nothing to fill all the holes in my heart ... The stitches have unraveled and are coming apart. I have chased after wind for a very long time, still I have nothing worth saying is mine. Everything I did was for nothing and now I'm bleeding to death, and when I'll be dead I will still not have rest." As the blood ran down like the tears in my eyes, the only thing I have heard that has freedom from lies, spilled over His lips on to me, pale and broken. Of all of the words I have heard to be spoken, all of the sorrow and all the regret, the years, the toil, the butterfly nets, this wasted life and all of this ... this never ending emptiness ... washed away below my arms in the blood that poured down, the thread and the stitches fell to the ground. His words blanketed me as my pain reached it's end, "I've loved you forever, and My love never ends."


What can you possibly accomplish in a lifetime that will prove to be substantial and worthwhile? No matter what you work to achieve for the short time you spend on this planet, the same fate that reaches a man who achieves nothing, will reach you as you breathe your last breath. Why are we alive? What is the meaning of life? The answer is incredibly simple and constantly ignored, overlooked, or refuted. We are alive to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. To be in love with a God that is so in love with us. God loves us so much he gave us a free will to choose how we will live our lives. And when we chose life away from His loving arms, He sent His son. A human being with the same struggles and temptations that all of us have and the same pain that we feel as actual flesh and blood people. He gave us the ability to choose our own path, and when we soiled ourselves with acts that say we don't love Him at all, acts that cause us to be unable, and incapable of spending eternity with the divine creator of the universe... He sent His only Son to take the punishment that we earned, so that we wouldn't have to. Jesus Christ, never committed a single sin, though He was a person just like us with a free will, He chose not to sin. then He suffered and died a horrific death, so that we would not have to. He loves us so much, He would rather take a death sentence that He never came close to earning, so that we would not have to. The Bible says that Jesus is so in love with you, specifically you, reading this, that if you were the only person alive, on the entire planet, He would have suffered the same horrible fate without giving it a second thought. So that you could be free of death. JUST YOU. The bible also tells us that if you become saved you become blameless in the eyes of God, as if you have never done a single thing wrong in your entire life. No matter what you may have done. If you leave this earth without becoming saved through Jesus Christ, you will not be capable to spend the rest of eternity in his presence. The Bible says God has made a place for those who accept Him, a place where pain and suffering do not exist, a place where complete and utter joy that our human minds cannot possibly comprehend become a reality. All that God asks of us, is to ask him for forgiveness for the things you have done wrong, and believe in Him and His Son, and that He suffered your death sentence on a cross. All you have to do is ask, and He forgives, no matter what you have done to hurt Him and no matter how loudly your actions say you never loved Him. God gives us His word, the Bible, to learn how to live in Jesus Christ and find the only existing substantiality in an empty world through Him. Jesus said: "I am the way, the truth, and the light. No one comes to the Father, except through Me." He told us the only way to escape an eternity void of the presence of God, is through accepting Him. The forces of evil in this dark age are very real. Satan and hell do exist. but we are on a side that has already won. God has never sent a soul to hell. He gave us a will to choose a life in his presence, or a life without it. The bible tells us that salvation is not something you can earn through your accomplishments on earth, it is a free gift. "God has saved us not by works, but by grace." All that is left is to accept it, and continue on pursuing a personal and real relationship with Jesus Christ, whose love for you is more real, consistent, and substantial than anything you can toil after under the sun.


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