Mai, you silly! xD

This made me lol


Thanks for your message

I checked, and now all your items arrived

I will send your invoice this weekend since I have to go out side today

Have a nice day
MAI have to....go outside. xDD How vague. Mai is definitely suspicious.

She probably sits inside all week bidding on things so she has to take a day to go outside and... air out or something...


i'm excited to get my stuff though! :3


auuugh why has it been so abominably HOT in Portland?

I swear i've single handedly eaten 2 gallons of ice cream in the past 3 days. I hadn't noticed the heat too much until today because I spent most of the week in a pool (not having much fun though, working -_-) but JESUS freakin 100 degrees what is this shit?

thank goodness it is supposed to get cooler. 80 degrees is fine, thank you very much

when it's this hot i just feel so sluggish. All I do is sit around eating and reading celebrity magazines and going on the internet. it's like my brain shuts down.

lol I'm a ditz...

So I'm working at a different pool now :D Montavilla sucks and i got tired of them.

Only problem is, there's no shallow end, so we have to put these platforms in the pool for the little short kids to stand on. It's really obnoxious, because they always end up falling off xD

Anyways, after my shift I was asked to get out the lane lines and set them up for lap swim. You know, those blue x white things that separate the swimming lanes.

So i swim down with a line to the place where they hook in. And, try as i might, I could not stretch the hook on the lane line to the ring it clips to.

I tried for like, 10 minutes, but it just seemed to short.

Finally, some lifeguard walks by, stops, stares, and raises his eyebrows and after a little while, i'm just like "eehh...Help? D:" And he gave me this funny look like "god, what a retard" and said "Um...okay?" and goes over and clips the thing in in about 2 seconds.

Me: "Durrr...what's the trick?"
Him (exasperated): "You have to get OUT of the pool and pull. You were using your triceps. You need to use your biceps."

um...duh? is this common knowledge? i don't really have biceps to use anyways haha seriously, i have
SO much trouble with mechanical things. It's terrible. Like dumb things like opening/closing gates and latches and locks and even opening bottles lol i just go "HOW DOES IT WORK???"

Anyone else have tales of ineptness? xD

Dance Recital~

lol yeah I do jazz dance...and last night we had this show where my class did our routine to Fergie's 'Here I come'

We got to wear this super gangster bright orange South Pole shirt. haha it made me feel so ghetto. But it has a crown on it and rhinestones so it's actually kind of cute.

It went pretty well. I didn't screw up HOWEVER the idiotic stage director who looks like 80's trailer trash put this fat chick in our class who only shows up for practice half the time and didn't know the routine for shit, in the front. Sooo =/ I was pretty pissed at that seeing as how I knew the routine and could do it well and had been to every single practice. Aaaand of course, not only did her largeness partially obscure me from view, she also messed up pretty bad, like she did this kick leap thing too early and went thr wrong way at one point. But whatever. I don't really care anymore. I can always be in front next time~

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lol yeah, I don't have to work this week because hardly anyone signed up for lessons this week due to the LEAK IN THE POOL lolololol and also because it's forcasted to be like 60 degrees and raining for the rest of the week soooo i'm pretty glad i wasn't one of the ones chosen to teach the few lessons there are~ it wouldn't be worth it.

Meanwhile, I'm going to try to be productive (whatever that means) and get some summer reading done, open up art commissions, and enjoy summer! =D Anyone want to hang out? I feel the need to socialiiiize

I've been wearing lolita on a regular basis actually, which is pretty neat. It's fun to finally wear these clothes that I've put so much energy into obtaining x_x I just felt that I couldn't wear it until i had enough to maintain a consistant style without being boring. The funny thing is, I just seem to be sticking to like, the first ten items I bought xD it's like it takes 6 months to sink in that I actually own these items!

Going to the beach next week~ I've discovered skim-boarding, which is super fun! And you only have to get your feet wet! =D Perfect for chilly OR coast. you do fall on your butt a lot which kind of sucks

Anyways, here's my daily_lolita post in case anyone missed it:

Daily coordinate


My life is complete. I just won a red rose toilette skirt on mbok. Rose Toilette is my favorite print from AP!!!!!!!!




I can't wait for it to get here! Along with several pairs of socks, a cutsew, and a couple headbows x_X Luckily my job is starting this week.

Donde esta la Mai?

Hey everyone~

Jesus it's been so long since I've posted in my own journal xD whatever, it's my journal. I can do what I want nyananyananya

Anyways, life's been pretty decent lately. School's almost out and I'm getting ready to go back to my exciting career of teaching screaming children how not to drown. wheeeeee! Then it's off to the beach and then MEXICO *_* I've never been out of US/Canada before so it should be fun. I'm excited!!! but kind of scared. I super don't want to get mugged ;_;

My friend Kimberly who I haven't seen in 3 years is here visiting. She moved to live with her mother in Louisiana and this is the first time she's been back. It's awesome! It's so weird though. 3 years ago we were the same height exactly. Now she seems so short! I guess I got taller but I don't feel like I have, ya know? I feel like a freakin giant. Maybe i am x) Haha she has a southern accent. it's weird but definitely cool seeing her again.

my little sister gets back this weekend from the EAST COAST. I missed the opportunity to go on that trip when I was in middle school. Boohoo. I kind of wish I had.

ANYWAYS! on to the important question

Has anyone heard from Mai lately?

she told me she wasn't stopping her service for prior customers and she did my most recent order so...? idk it's been a couple days since I emailed her my auctions so I was just wondering...