Evie (_ensorcelled_) wrote,


AAAAaaah fuuuuuckk I'm going to piss myself I'm so excited. Ok. so there's like an 80% chance of Taylor and I getting VIP backstage passes at Lady Gaga this march. Apparently Taylor's little sister's friend Beeja's mom has a friend who works at Wonder Ballroom and is like a manager or something. This friend has the hots for Beeja's mom and does pretty much whatever she says. They've already given VIP passes and tickets to Beeja's mom and she says she can most likely do the same for us(!!!) I can't get my hopes up too much because it *might* not happen, but it would be AMAZING if it did.

Fucking ballerrrr.

AND my mom says she'll get me a new dance practice outfit. :D I think I'm gettingggg

shrug, legwarmers, leotard, and knit shorts

I think legwarmers typically look tacky but in dance studios, they're super cute and actually serve the purpose of helping you not pull muscles

I think I want the shorts in the magenta pink x blue stripes, what do you think? w/pink, white, or light blue legwarmers
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