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Snow Day

...was shatty. I didn't even go outside. I don't know what happened to Brittney. I think she died, personally. We were supposed to hang out on the snow day, but she disappeared. She hasn't dressed her poupee, which means she's either super busy or dead.

Oh well at least I got some work done.

I always feel so sleepy and lazy in the winter. I seriously feel like going to bed at 5. It's just so dark. It's like my body's telling me to hibernate. I can't even contemplate staying up past 10. does this happen to anyone else?

and East Portland Public Schools are open tommorrow which = standing in 18 degrees waiting for city buses which are probably delayed. It's so stupid because all schools west of the willamette have a snow day tomorrow. I went to an Xmas party in the west hills yesterday and even way up there they have the same amount of snow as I have at my house. More snow weds + thurs though! hurrah!

My grandma is coming from Michigan for the holidays. She rides a motorcycle. Yeah, really I shit you not. Pretty much the best grandma ever.

To cheer myself up from a below average day, I bought myself a Christmas present:


lavender, fuck yeah
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