Evie (_ensorcelled_) wrote,


It's my birthdaaay tomorrow! Holy shit it snuck up on me so fast. I'm just kind of dazed. I wish I could be as excited about birthdays as I was when I was a little kid. I've just been taking a lot of difficult classes and I've been so preoccupied with those that I don't even know if I have TIME for a birthday.

Whatever, fuck it. I'll make it fit! >=) I think i'll have 2 parties. A big karaoke one for everyone who wants to go to that/likes karaoke and a smaller sleepover/movie/maybe arcade one for my super best friends/shy friends who hate karaoke. I just want people to feel comfortable but I want to do karaoke as well. I think it will work well this way.

Time to go back to trying to write an analytic essay on House of the Spirits. @_@
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