Evie (_ensorcelled_) wrote,


Bad news: I lost one of my red shoe clips at kumoricon
Good news: Qcute happens to have a pair to sell to me for 10 bucks. Hooray!

Bad News: The white heart buckles shoes I purchased were too small.
Good news: BABY is rereleasing, so it's all good. I can get an LL. =) and i also have a buyer for the too small ones.

Bad News: That dumb mistake I made on paypal cost me $18 in fees because it confused the bank. D: oh well, lesson learned I suppose. I will check my funding source next time.
Good News: That package I got was muthafurking worth it. Mmmm so many goodies!

Good news: I'll be wearing lolita on a regular basis from now on. Life's too short to wear boring clothes!

Good news: I got lots of chances to meet new people and get to know some friends better at kumoricon. There were some funny moments. xD
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