Evie (_ensorcelled_) wrote,


I've been thinking a lot recently about using a different shopping service other than Mai.

In my most recent order, the total ended up being about $500 BEFORE the fees were added and afterwards, they were over $600. So that's about $100 worth of shopping service fees. Which, idk just seems like a shit ton to pay someone for...clicking buttons. idk maybe it's harder than it seems, but i teach kids how to swim which can be a HUGE challenge at times and I get paid $9/hour for it. THAT'S hard work. I can't imagine shopping would be harder unless you're getting like, lucky packs for someone in which case you pretty much have to battle people, i've heard.

Also, she put 20% fees on my international shipping. In the past she takes the 20% and THEN adds the shipping. It just seems kind of silly to me to pay for shipping and then pay 20% MORE for shipping o_o

so i'm thinking of using prettygraffiti next time. At least if i have a huge-ass order. I don't want to be paying another hundred for fees.
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