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Friends Only [ 16 Oct 2020|04:06pm ]
[ mood | calm ]

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friends cut [ 23 Apr 2006|07:14pm ]
[mood| sad]
[music| tears & rain - james blunt ]

I really hate to do this. But I've decided that I only want people on my f-list that are actually there or that I feel a connection to - otherwise I'm not interested. I'm sorry to these people, I've been friends with some of them for so long, but at times when I comment on their posts I get one-word answers or they never make an effort to talk to me. I'm not blaming anybody, this is just how I feel. If you want to know the reason why I cut you personally, comment and ask - all comments are screened. Otherwise, I hope everything goes well for you.♥ Beau.

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if you're in the harry potter fandom please read! [ 11 Mar 2006|02:00pm ]
[ mood | determined ]

If you're interested in harry potter or involved in the fandom in anyway, please help me.
So it's overused, but I was thinking of starting up a Harry Potter icon stillness community. The thing is, I don't want it to be of HP icons in general, I'd prefer an actual couple/theme/etc. If I was a paid account user I would use a poll but I'm not so I'll have to do it the old-fashioned way. ;) Please do me a favour and vote for one of the following in a comment; you can just type a number or the actual couple/theme/etc. Since almost everybody on my f-list likes HP in some way, I hope they'll be a lot of replies!

[1] Ron//Hermione.
[2] HP couples in general.
[3] The Trio.
[4] Goblet of Fire movie.
[5] Themes.*

*What I mean for this one is, that every week I'll post a theme and members will have to make an icon of any HP movie scene or character that relates somehow to the theme. Some examples of themes could be colours, emotions, objects or ideas [such as magic or something].

The first three are probably a little overused but they sound really fun. But I also really like the last two, they're a little more original. ^^

I am also looking for a co-mod. Now I haven't actually started the community since I'm waiting for some of your opinions, but what I'll do is ask you to reply to this post with one of the above stillness community ideas, and if you're also interested in being a co-mod, tell me so in the same comment as your vote. Let me know how much time you have and if you have any experience in mod-ing/co-moding communities.

This is really really important to me, so please please comment! ♥

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HELP!! [ 14 Feb 2006|07:23am ]
[ mood | confused ]

Well I'm confused. Can anyone help me out?
At narnia_elite I've made it so that anyone can join and become a member, but I have to grant them posting access. The thing is, what is the difference between "watching" a community and being a member of it? Example: ronniekins77 and a few others have been granted posting access by me yet they dpn't appear to be members yet. On the Invitations page it seems as though I have given them invitations to join the comm or something but they haven't got it. First-time mod-ing is confusing. Can anyone who mods a community help me out? Cause I can't figure out if it's my fault they're not a member or if they just haven't become a member through something they haven't done yet.

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JOIN JOIN JOIN! [ 13 Feb 2006|07:25am ]
Please join narnia_elite!
Or at least tell me what you think of it. Do you like the pretteh layout? ^^

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+ friends cut [ 11 Feb 2006|10:09pm ]
[ mood | tired ]

Eurgh I hate doing this. Right before my birthday as well. :/ I'd like to apologise in advance, but I hope you'll understand. The explanation is under the cut.

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