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Life is around you and in you

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Formerly Allegra.

Icons at tuesdaysuit.


Loves (past and present):
TV--{ The West Wing, Lost, House, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Bones, 30 Rock, Felicity, Gilmore Girls, Joan of Arcadia, Rachel Maddow, The Daily Show
Theatre--{ [title of show], Hair, Spring Awakening, Into the Woods, Urinetown, Spelling Bee, The Last Five Years, In the Heights
Film--{ Little Manhattan, Garden State, Juno, Waitress, Lost in Translation
Ships--{ Josh/Donna, CJ/Toby, Barney/Robin, House/Cuddy, Luke/Lorelai, Ana/Rachel, Jack/Juliet, Kate/Sawyer
People--{ Susan Blackwell, Heidi Blickenstaff, Allison Case, Ana Marie Cox, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Rachel Maddow, Janel Moloney, Kacie Sheik,
Jon Stewart, Bradley Whitford
Music--{ Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, Jaymay, Emmy the Great, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Joan Baez
Books--{ The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Nine Stories, Feed My Dear Dogs, Sister Crazy, Mrs Dalloway, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Prozac Nation,
The Catcher in the Rye, The Diviners


J/D mood theme is by smut_queen.

Background pattern from unfinishedcoke.

30 rock, [title of show], a chorus line, aaron sorkin, allison case, allison janney, ana marie cox, ana/rachel, anne of green gables, arrested development, barney/robin, beethoven, belle and sebastian, bob dylan, bones, books, booth/brennan, boys, bradley whitford, brahms, breakfast at tiffany's, broadway, caissie levy, catcher in the rye, celia keenan-bolger, central park, choral music, christmas, cj/toby, coach taylor, coach/mrs. coach, coffee, dar williams, december, donna moss, emmy the great, english literature, felicity, felicity/noel, friday night lights, gilmore girls, guinea pigs, gymnastics, hair, heidi blickenstaff, himym, house, house/cuddy, house/wilson/cuddy, hugs, hunter bell, in the heights, ingrid michaelson, into the woods, jack/juliet, jane eyre, janel moloney, jaymay, jeff bowen, jenny owen youngs, jewel, joan baez, joan of arcadia, johnny gallagher, jon stewart, joni mitchell, josh lyman, josh/donna, juliet burke, juliet/most people, juno, kacie sheik, kate/sawyer, kimya dawson, kittens, kristin chenoweth, late nights, lauren graham, les miserables, lisa cuddy, little manhattan, lord of the rings, lorelai gilmore, lost, lost in translation, luke/lorelai, mrs dalloway, music, music education, musical theatre, neil patrick harris, new york, october, performing, phil ochs, piano, poetry, prince edward island, prozac nation, rachel maddow, rahm emanuel, rain, randall thompson, reading, regina spektor, rehearsals, rent, salt water, schubert, sharon lois and bram, simon and garfunkel, singing, snow, songwriting, spelling bee, sports night, spring awakening, stars, susan blackwell, sushi, tami taylor, teaching, the daily show, the last five years, the nightmare before christmas, the ocean, the office, the shins, the sound of music, the west wing, tori amos, toronto, veronica mars, vienna teng, vocal music, washington dc, weeds, winter, zooey deschanel