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[Jul. 26th, 2007| 7:08pm]
today was the last day of workouts!
last day to conquer the mountain! yeah yeah yeahhhhh!
it was kind of a crazy day, I was ready to get out of there.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(yes, that is an awesome picture of me and DTA dissecting a pig, yeah!)

also, tonight is the first night in my life that my parents have ever left my sister and me at home alone, sleeping, with no adult supervision! party! (except not, she is at cheerleading and I am going to bed early, ha lame!)
Tomorrow, my sister and I are driving to Florida all by ourselves, also another first. how fun.
but my mom left us this really hilarious list, and she is so worried about us.
hahahaCollapse )

"You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands." Isaiah 55:12

tomorrow is our surprise 2:52 field trip. we are going hiking! P Mark told me to bring my bells, ha! I totally bought good morning snacks for everyone.

[Jul. 25th, 2007| 4:26pm]
yeah He loves us
oh how He loves us.
He loves us
oh how He loves

I just love people and life and everything right now.
I am so amazed at the things that God has done in my heart this summer.
I've let go, moved on. overcome.
none of this really matters anymore.
something so incredible is happening among our generation in Birmingham right now, and i am overjoyed that i am a part of it. next weekend I will be on staff at an event where 3,000 students will seek after our Lord and Savior with all their hearts. then i will take off to Atlanta with the people that I have spent so many agonizing hours together with this summer. we've cried and laughed together, through some really hard times. but honestly, i have loved it. even the day where we denied our flesh the entire day and sandra was the only reason i survived. and even this morning where we ran to the river and i hated it. this summer has been incredible, and those people are such a blessing.
but really, after that, I need to get away. I am so over some of the things of this place and these people.
seriously, what are you thinking?

it's just one of those days when I wish DTA was here.

well I thought about you, the day Steven died and you met me between my break and I know that I still love you God despite the agony these people here they tell me you're cruel but if Steven could sing he'd say it's not true, 'cause He loves us whoa how He loves us how He loves us oh how He loves

[Jun. 25th, 2007| 7:18am]
remember when it was 11 months and 6 days?
I have dreaded this week for a year.
but, here we go.

[Jun. 10th, 2007| 11:11pm]
i'm home.
my bed is really amazing.


i have 731 pictures to share with you sometime.

ps: it was fabulous fun.

[May. 29th, 2007| 10:49pm]
so, here we are.
London. tomorrow. it is really cool to me how we are basically not going to live through tomorrow because we will be flying ahead of time.
MK and I have waited for this day for a year. I don't think you understand. there is no better person for me to go with, as we have spoken our silly little made up french phrases for 3 years now, and we'll run through the gardens at VERSAYLEEZ.

but really, please pray for the China team. they leave tomorrow, also. Those 76 people are going to do amazing things, I just know it. but I pray for their safety and comfort and wisdom.
a part of my heart will be there the whole time I am in Europe.

aw, caroline just made my day.
this is right.

i love you i love you i love you.
call me, leave messages. i'll be home June 10.

au revoir!!

[May. 17th, 2007| 1:27am]
I have no idea what is going on in anyone's life except for like one person because I have been distant and crying the entire evening since approximately 12:59 today. yesterday. whatever.

i love my small group
i love the girls, especially
but really.
i love devin t adams. there are no words.

We had to fill out these surveys for the band program from next year. they were anonymous, I poured my heart into mine. I'm sure he knows it's mine. but it broke my heart thinking about it today. I barely shed a tear at the concert, but sitting in that room today, I felt like all of those trophies just sat on my shoulders. I could not help but sob. Last night at awards night, as I received the JPS award (for the 2nd time), Mr. Bubbett sincerely looked me in the eyes and said "thank you for everything emily, really, thank you" and I almost broke down then. This afternoon, as I cried hysterically into his chest, all I could get out behind my tears was "can I please take my bassoon so I can go to my lesson on Friday" "You can have anything you want, emily waymire". there is just nothing else I could say. Perhaps I'll be able to handle myself better when I take the bassoon back.

then I was really ok until Devin sang that song to me.

[May. 16th, 2007| 3:31pm]
all I can do is cry and laugh.

saying goodbye to Mr. Hartz (Hartz-y) ripped me apart.

I'm scared, honestly. scared.

[Apr. 29th, 2007| 9:07pm]
the best thing said all weekend:
"Wendi gave it to me"

Happy Birthday Jillian.

I didn't really want to come home.
back to school back to school.

it's time to let me faith arise time heaven heard my cries. it's time for the winds to change [Apr. 16th, 2007| 1:05am]
[ mood | joyful ]

there is a hope.

I'm pretty sure tonight was perhaps one of the greatest nights I've ever experienced at Switch. The worship was definitely the best ever. It is so incredible to be in the presence of so many people so on fire and ready to do ANYTHING for our God.

I cannot wait until next Saturday!
God is going to do some amazing things.
Birmingham will never be the same.


[Apr. 5th, 2007| 4:25pm]

I am doing a statistics project.
it would be greatly helpful if everyone would respond. yes, everyone even if I don't know you at all.
I need 50+ people to do this.

I am doing a correlation project relating musical experience to your academic success, to prove "are music students really the smartest?"
so, if you could help me out, leave your--

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. GPA (high school or college, doesn't matter):
4. Do you participate in musical activities (does not have to be band persay, but do you play a musical instrument inside or outside of an ensemble--piano and guitar do count?):
5. How long have you been playing (in months or years)?:

thank you!!!!

[Mar. 18th, 2007| 11:25am]


[Mar. 15th, 2007| 8:30pm]
today was certainly not the Thursday I had hoped for.

[Mar. 11th, 2007| 1:39pm]

what a fabulous time.
from devin's raw steak, buying andrea flip flops in the mall, dancing, senior leadout, william lee and emily as prom king and queen, and falling asleep at 5 AM, we had a fabulous time!

the weather is beautiful.

pretty much my favorite. i love this boy and this girl:

[Feb. 21st, 2007| 10:30pm]
emily's version of the greatest daniel bashta song ever:

it's time to let my faith arise
time heaven heard my cries
it's time for the blind to seeeee

oh and it's time for the winds to change
it's time to live my life again
(not sure about the words hereeee)

miracles are comin'
miracles are comin'
yes i believe
(sing that twice)

so come and break these chainssss
i will worship you UNTAMED

when we praise freedom falls
when we dance the walls fall down

also fire fall down is pretty much an amazing song.
and lots of other things.
apparently i like falling down songs, haha.

tonight I completely cried my eyes out at the chase. it felt so good.
but by the time I left, I was smiling and laughing. "I AM JUST SO SCARED"
the emily you know, returning soon.
I felt a great peace after I talked with Aldger, Kelly Ann, and Scott.
I am so blessed to know such wonderful people.

"I will walk among you and be your God, and you will be my people. I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt so that you would no longer be slaves to the Egyptians; I broke the bars of your yoke and enabled you to walk with heads held high" -Leviticus 26:12-13

[Feb. 13th, 2007| 3:38pm]
I think you should all go get a sweetheart blast from sonic like right now
it is pretty much the best $2.37 you will ever spend on cherryicecreamm&m goodness.
and it's only a valentines thing!

for some reason valentines day has me really excited this year.
i don't even have a valentine!
but i made a valentine for English & eat sweetheart blasts like every day & make treats for my friends!
I really wish we didn't have to go to district contest tomorrow.

i also look like i have no neck or body. i am leaning on a navy blue pillow

at the end of the day today, andy kramer was making announcements on the intercom, and at the end he said "stay classy Thompson" and it pretty much made my life.

[Jan. 31st, 2007| 10:48pm]
what I look forward to every single Wednesday night:

me, Taylor, Scott, Kaitlin, Liz, Devin, Nick, Sarah

I love how happy we look.

Mary Ann, Taylor, Kelly Ann, me, Kaitlin


I am beyond blessed to be a part of something so great.

come hang out with us sometime!

it's YOU not SHOE [Jan. 29th, 2007| 6:06pm]
Last night I was bubbling over with the love of OUR CREATOR.
I am still amazed and in awe of His glory, day after day after day.
I stayed up until midnight & woke up at 4:30 to write my Hamlet paper.

my afternoons:
(LS is learning about Johnny Appleseed right now. These are the trees growing)

it breaks my heart when lana scott cries.

Mr. Hartz and Mrs. Stringer wrote AMAZING scholarship recommendation letters for me.
like FOR REAL.
I never knew Mr. Hartz had picked up on my personality so much, but he hit it right on. three years, 50 minutes a day, I guess so.

so we have a concert tomorrow night.
performance on friday!

[Jan. 28th, 2007| 11:58am]
Dear friends,

I just need to tell you that I have this really incredible friend in my life these days, her name is Jodi, and I could not have survived the last 21 days without her. Last night we went on a Chickfila fast breaking date and it was amazing. Then at 2 AM she came to spend the night at my house and she is really funny and awesome and such a blessing in my life.
I just thought you should all know.

I have some really really phenomenal people in my life.
I am so content right now, something I haven't been able to really say in a long time.
thank you.

are you doing well? what has been going on in your lives in the last 21 days?
I want to know, like seriously.

I'm probably going to post again later because I want to talk about the fast.
but seriously, like Devin told me, the internet lost its sparkle a little.
it's just not as good once you realize the greater things outside of this.

but I do like keeping in touch.

see you soon,

[Jan. 26th, 2007| 5:21pm]
oh, tomorrow.

January 27th, 2007.

[Jan. 14th, 2007| 1:44am]
dear internet world,
incase you missed the memo i am away from livejournal facebook myspace aim until january 27th.
if you have important things to tell me email me or call me

but tonight made me miss my friends 300times more.
i miss being with my friends all the time.
i feel like my life is this big chaotic mess. not a mess, but it's just crazy.
i have absolutely no routine and in a way that drives me insane.
but this no internet thing is getting to me. but it's good for me, too.

but the fast is going well, i'm totally cheating right now, but this will be it.

the next two weeks:
sunday: babysit luke, love of my life
monday: bassoon lessons
tuesday: sectionals
wednesday: church?
thursday: MY 18TH BIRTHDAY. (remember i won't be checking this)
friday- sunday: saturate
next important thing-
saturday, january 27th: all state band tryouts (i can't explain to you how much my stomach turns just thinking about it, i think this is the reason everything feels so chaotic right now)
it's also the end of my fast that day.
this is teaching me a lot of things about myself.
i have more self control than i thought, as it turns out.

ok that's it. i should go to bed.
i love you all so much.
thank you for making my birthday party really happy.
the singing happy birthday at CPK was really amazing, too.
and i have enough starbucks gift cards to go every day for about 3 weeks, it seems. jennifer, you'll be seeing a lot of me in a few weeks!! :)
but really. everyone could've just spent the night, all 30 people in my living room and i wouldn't have cared. i love all of you so much. and i pretty much got to see every single person tonight that i wanted to see.

2 Chronicles 7:14

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