Courage means feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

25 August 1988

My name is Emma.
I'm 25 years young.
I'm an actress.
I'm working towards becoming a personal trainer as my day job.
My goal is to be a working actress with a successful personal training business both in the UK and US.
I used to swim for England.
I have a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and I specialised in Psychology.
Psychology is still a huge interest and passion of mine.
So is writing.
I have suffered from abuse, depression and anxiety.
I was very ill and had no voice during 2010 - 2012. It was partly psychosomatic.
I found healing in alternative medicine, yoga and spirituality; I'm inevitably passionate about all three.
I hate labels but I fall in love with women. I sometimes like men, too.
I currently live with my partner Becky, at her flat in Southampton, England. She's a chef.
Gillian Anderson is a huge, huge inspiration in my life.
I want to travel. And learn. And make a difference. All my life.
I'm just a girl who's determined to make her dreams a reality.

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