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Close Your Eyes

ello there fellow h/w shippers, it's been a long while since I've written anything but this was just in my head for a while so here it goes:

Title: Close Your Eyes
Author: yours truly
Rating: PG-13 I guess? I'm horrible with ratings so I say PG-13 for boy kissing and a cuss word.
Pairing: House/Wilson
Words: 1,033
Summary: House and Wilson have stopped their tricks and other games for a reason. Which one will act on that reason? Yes I know, that's a crappy summary, just read it pwetty-pwease?
Disclaimer: Hah, I don't even own my phone.
Author's Note: And I'm going to say surry right off for butchering an I love Lucy quote, and for putting in a randomn tidbit about Cuddy's boobs, and for the cliche that is this fluffy little bit. Oh yea, and no beta so...sowwy

Wilson was still living with House so when House came into the apartment he wasn’t the least surprised. Wilson had been living with him for about a month. It was all fun and games at first with the hand in water trick and clear wrap over the toilet seat, which was always funny. And of course that time Wilson cut up House’s cane because even House has to admit that was pretty funny. But that was in the beginning and now it’s more like “Wilson! Go make me dinner and be my housewife” kind of feel. Then again, the reason they had stopped with all the trickery was for a more than obvious reason.
“Lucy! I’m home!” House yelled as threw his bag into the corner of the room along with his jacket and helmet.

“House give it up! I’m not a Vitavigavegivat Girl…oh fuck, I just gave you more amo.”

“You know it’s sad when you give up good information and then ruin the whole surprise of an awesome joke when you end it like that.”

“So sorry to ruin it for you but dinner is almost done so either help me get the glasses and plates out or don’t eat.”

“Please, like I’m actually going to help you get that stuff ou- Oh hey. You can’t make macadamia nut pancakes for dinner and then use the glasses and plates routine ‘cause you know I have to have a couple.”

“Fine. Don’t eat. Just move so I can sit down.”

Either way the “glasses and plates” routine has been going on for a while. Since he moved in, actually, and House continually will get them out for reason unknown. Well, the reason is known. It just hasn’t been said aloud yet.

“Fine. Hey did you hear about Cuddy’s boobs?”

“There's more news? Other than they're huge?”

“She’s probably pregnant, than.”

“...Again, in layman’s terms?”

“They’re bigger, she’s more hormonal-“

“And you’re not saying she’s hormonal because she’s been more on your ass about paperwork this time now is it?”

“She is Satan! I swear she made a deal with the Devil for that bod.”

“God, just sit down already. I don’t want to yell.”

“Hmm…I like that nickname.”

“I’m not calling you God.” Yet thought both House and Wilson for which they both started to blush at.

House and Wilson would eventually finish eating their less than unconventional dinner watching some old Black and white flick that Wilson put on. Yes, House was letting him take control of the remote sometimes, too. It was weird and was even weirder when Wilson pointed it out.

Around 11 o’clock, House would go on a rant about needing his beauty sleep and go off to take a shower for a longer time than necessary and head off to bed. At this time he’d say “G’nite” and all that jazz, which really concluded all the way down to just “G’nite.”

This time, as House exited the bathroom and turned to go to his bedroom he was stopped by a Wilson shaped object. Thankfully, House forgot to put away his cane in the bedroom before going in the shower, so thankfully, the short stop didn’t hurt him too much.


“…House was that scream really necessary?”

“Yea, your face was so up close.”

“Hah, funny. You know I’m gorgeous.”

It was always funny when Wilson’s ego decided to pop out and do a little dance. It didn’t happen often so House was proud to know that Wilson did at least have an ego at least half the size of House’s.


“House? You alright?”

“Hey, Jimmy? Can you do me a favor?”

“Does it imply anything illegal, ‘cause I’m not in the mood.”

“No, just… close your eyes.”

“Well that sounds like fun. What do I get out of it?”

“Oh I don’t know, but I think you’ll like it.”

“Oh really? With that voice I really don’t trust you but seeing as I haven’t done anything stupid today, what the hell.”

Wilson proceeds and closes his eyes half way to make sure House wasn’t going to do something to insanely moronic. It wasn’t normal that Wilson would let House do this but due to the closeness proximity of both of them, there was no way Wilson could possibly think straight. Then again he wasn’t…straight that is.

“C’mon, close your eyes all the way. I’m going to scare the shit out of you.”

And with those words out of his mouth as quick as he could, House was kissing Wilson. Of course, the last line sparked Wilson’s thought process so he opened his eyes. And Wilson came to notice it is a little weird to kiss someone when you have your eyes open and you’re not kissing back. So Wilson took that as the cue to kiss back and was almost too late, because House pulled away seconds later and whispered “I love you” in his ear.

Wilson responded by kissing House with more vigor this time. Wilson had his hand in his hair will desperately pull him closer with the other. House was also very much into it, too. What with practically grabbing at him and trying to make Wilson so close to him that they’d probably need to be separated surgically.

Anyways, Wilson’s mind was finally processing everything House had just said as he kissed him. So with that final process, he felt the need to pull away for some much needed air and words.

“Hah, well at least you were on track about one thing.”


“On track about the love part. Which I’ve yet to say properly so here it goes: I love you too. And I mean you weren’t right about scaring the shit out of me, because who are you kidding? We all know your big softie.”

Wilson replied in one breath because he was pretty nerve-wracked and awed about what just happened.

“Oh that’s lovely, I’m actually trying to be a little romantic ‘cause I know you love that and I get mocked for it.”

House probably would’ve said something about Wilson always being a moment killer but for right now, he knew neither of them could care less.

Comments are so much loved that a billion House/Wilson cookies will be awarded to everyone who comments. And as always concrit 's always welcomed, just be nice =] ♥
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