_emredrum_ (_emredrum_) wrote,

Title: Trick's, Breathing, and Rock 'n Roll
Author : uhmm..me?
Rating : PG-13 - R because of implying stuff… I guess
Summary : Pete has to go to a "correctional facility"
A/N: Sorry it took awhile, and love to all the people who commented.
Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

“Fuck! Patrick, stay with me, please!”
He’s just bleeding all over the floor. And I’m partly covered in his blood because I’m just all over him just trying to keep him awake. His eyes keep fluttering and rolling back. I don’t even know where he got the razor. I am in utter shock and I feel frozen yet I’m still moving. It’s like when your watching a very good horror movie and you are actually as scared as the person running away. You want to stop watching yet your stuck in place watching this.

“C’mon keep with me, Patrick.” I whisper to him.

“I’m going to go get some help. I’ll be right back.”

I run out the bathroom door and open the room door and yell “Help! Somebody please help! Hello? Help! Please!” I’m just frantic and if this was a sick joke because he was being an asshole, I’d make sure exactly how he looks now is exactly how he will look after I find out. I see one of the staff people coming towards me and I motion for them to come here as I’m running back to Patrick.

“Stay with me, please. C’mon-”

“People get him into the infirmary now!”

I don’t know when the rest of the guys got here but they’re trying to get me off Patrick and get me cleaned off. But that is so not going down!

“Get off me!” I yell.

“No! Pete, listen to me! Do not run after him. Do not run aft- Pete get back here!”

I don’t give a shit what they say I’m going after him. Yet I have no idea why. I follow them to the makeshift ER but they won’t let me pass. Gah!

“Sir, you will either have to take a seat or go back to your room.”

I notice this is a losing battle so I nod and head back to my room just to find Andy and Joe giving me their best ‘what-the-fuck’ face. Although, they’re not very good at it. Well at least Joe isn’t

“What? I barely even talk to you guys ‘cause you hate me so don’t give me that look.”

They look at each other and sigh,

“We don’t hate you. How can you hate someone you barely know?”

Oh, he got me there.


“This is probably be awhile so why don’t you take a nap or something?”

“How can I? Do you know how disturbing that image of Patrick was?!? I can’t stand the guy, but it’s human nature! It was just so…so..-”


“Yeah, off.”

“Well we will probably waiting a long time I would take up on that nap if I were you.”

“Fine, I’ll try and sleep but I doubt it’ll work”

And much to my surprise, it did.

* * * * * * * * * *


“Wake up we have some very important news.”

“Oh, on Patrick?”

“Yes, he’s dead. You killed him.”


“You jinxed him.”

“Wait- how?”


“Stop!!! NO!!! Ahhhh!!!!”

…fucking hate dreams! I see Joe and Andy left me to myself- oh shoot Patrick! What time is it? I slept for 8 hours?!?! Dizzam! I run to the makeshift ER desk and ask the lady what room Patrick is in. She smiles weakly and tells me to go through those doors and look for room number 8.
Shit! What am I going to say? Hey I don’t really know or like you much but I thought to ask if you were okay. Yeah that’ll work, Pete. Before I know it I’m in front of room number 8 and opening the door.
“Oh shit…”

“Well if you don’t want me here I can leave. Being that I saved you from you attempted suicide. But if you don’t want me here, I’ll leave.”

Dammit, my guilt trip always works.

“You know you’re a real ass for putting the guilt trip on a guy who has no strength and attempted suicide as you said. And yeah you can stay.”

See? It worked - oh wait…

“I’m sorry dude just that sight was ummm….disturbing?”

“Why are you here, Peter?”

“Pete, okay. Because Peter makes me sound old.-”

“How old are you?”


“So why are you here, Pete?”

“Umm… well I… umm… wanted to…uhh…-”

“Say it for god sakes!”


I hope he caught that. I hear nothing so I’m guessing he’s confus- wait what did I do now? Why is he crying?!?

“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry Patrick whatever I did, I’m sorry.”

“’Sok. Actually you did nothing wrong, it’s just uhh… I’m usually a pain in the ass and no one would ever ask me if I was okay. I mean really stop and ask if I was okay. Not that people haven’t asked but the people that have, either have to or its part of the job description so yeah. And I’m probably talking way too fast or too much for you to understand so I’ll probably repeat along the way or something-”

“No, I got it. Well, if we talked you’d probably know that I talk like 24/7.”

Hehe, that was just like me.

“Actually, I do know. Did you know you talk in your sleep?”

Oh shit, I hope I didn’t say anything stupid-wait last time I said something at night was because I was trying to ask him something! Oh he probably brushed it off as sleep talk, hehe.

“What did I say?”

“I don’t remember something along the lines of ‘pandas are taking over the world’ or something.”

Hehe, actually it was more along the lines of ‘Do you think pandas could ever take over the world?’

He just rolls his eyes and smiles.

“So you’re sure your okay?” I ask him.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

Hah, that’s funny because I remember hearing that fine stands for -

“I’m fucked-up, insecure, neurotic, and emotional.”

- that.

“Dude, that was just creepy.”

“What was?”

“I was just thinking that.”

“I know, your face was practically screaming it.”

“Oh, I guess I’m not as hard to read as I thought. So we’re cool?”

“Yeah I guess so. But we can always go back to ‘Fuck You. Eat Shit. And Die.’”

I look up to see if he’s serious, and the dude is grinning ear to ear, I swear.

“Okay, but I like ‘Lick my shoes, and be my bitch’ much better.” I add with a wink. That’s when I know it’s going to be just fine.

just read the other one in patrickxpeter I'm too lazy to retype!!

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