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Read this first, please. Getting into a transaction with me means you understand and agree with these terms, whether you read this or not!

First and foremost! If you leave a comment, but don't have comment notification or you're not going to check back, then leave an email address so I can contact you! Thx.

1. I am in CANADA. I ship to anywhere; YOU pay for shipping.

2. Buyer sends payment first. I accept Paypal (existing funds or e-cheques only) or well-concealed US/Canadian cash accepted AT YOUR OWN RISK. Exact change only.

3. Trades are welcome but sales are preferred. Please note that if we do trade, I will ask you to send first. I don't mind sending at the same time if you have a good amount of feedback. See my feedback entry below for more reassurance.

4. I am not responsible for Canada Post's/USPS's fuckups. ie. if the item is lost or takes a long time to get to you or is damaged on its way to you, it is out of my control. Sorry.

5. Ask your questions before confirming the transaction! No refunds/exchanges.

6. If you're in the Toronto area and would like to meet up to cut out the shipping fees, please let me know!

Thanks for reading; now have fun and buy my stuff! =D
UPDATED 05/02/2014

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Feedback can be left here!

POSITIVES: 93 (though one comment doubles up two positive feedbacks!)

Other places where I have more feedback:

*Laundromatic.net <--- the site is now defunct, but using Google search (the actual site cannot be accessed) and archive.org, you can find that I had a good amount of feedback under the username paramour (450 positive, no negatives or neutrals was my total before the site went down). The latest snapshot Archive.org has is from Sep 05 2007 (381 positives, no negatives or neutrals).

*Lost-Sock.net (this is the reboot of Laundromatic.net)





Thanks! =)