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Sorry for the absence

Sorry for the long absence, I know you all missed me, after all, I am Kuzco. Emperor. Me. King of the World.

Rone seems to have disappeared...for now at least. But it's staring to worry me. I know, you're probably surprised that I'm worried, after all, I shouldn't be, being who I am. And the prisoners have been knocked out, because their yelling keeps throwing off my groove.

Karma says she'll protect me...she's holding a sword, ten times her size right now 0_o sorry, but I don't think the kid could protect herself. Luckily for that I have guards ^^ Oh well, nice of her, though a tad bit on the stupid side.

Oi...I shouldn't have to go through this! I'm the Emperor, it's not fair!

Ah, I know I'll find him and win, so I shouldn't be too worried.

Well, love you all my worshippers, buh-bye!
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