Emperor Kuzco (_emperor_kuzco_) wrote,
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We caught some of Ronan's followers who were trying to break into MY palace. They managed to destroy some stuff before the guards caught them. Luckily, I was on the top floor grooving, whereas they broke into the first one. They're now living out their lives in the basement, also known as the dungeons. With that vermin down there, we're bound to get more rats scurrying about. <<

Rone and his other followers are trying to recruit others, even if it means blackmail and bribery. Everyone else is obviously smarter than he is, and is perfectly aware that without me, there'd be no emperor at all. So they don't buy it.

In other news... Peppa's started to call me 'Dickie.' O_o I have absolutely no clue why, but... it's scaring me.
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