Emperor Kuzco (_emperor_kuzco_) wrote,
Emperor Kuzco

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Not my best of days...

Well, I sat in my throne for a while, got the chef to cook something for me, sat some more, grooved all around the third floor, went to see the construction of that mirror... and sat some more.

And now I'm sitting. Go figure.

Pacha gave me another "how to be nice to people" lessons, too. Today's subject was...was... I don't remember. O.o I was sleeping the whole time.

Oh, yeah, and this suitor Priscilla (she looks like a duck!) wanted to...er... walk around the grounds with me, but I told her I had a very important meeting to attend, and that I was VERY sorry, but it wouldn't work out. >:) And she wriggled away all disappointed. Definetly my highlight.
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