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[[I'm leaving tonight and won't be back until Wednesday sometime. So I'll update when I get a chance Wednesday. This weekend I'm going to a friends house and then Monday we are heading down to Texas for two days. So see you all when I get back. Have a good weekend!]]
scars [osilent_tearso]

Please, not again.

I am NOT doing this again.....

Fill this out if you'd like. I don't really care either way.Collapse )

If he's going to do this to me then that's it. No more. He hasn't called me in days. He has been acting weird. He's still hanging out with Alex who he likes and probably will until he gets with her and gets his heart broken. He can't do this to me again. Reading Paige's entry killed me. I'm not calling him. I'm not going to chase after him this time. If he messes this up it's on his shoulders. There will be NO MORE if he fucks this up again. I opened myself up completely and gave him EVERYTHING inside me and if he breaks me then there's no way I'd be able to build myself up again to go through it again. I guess we'll just have to see how he goes about this, because I'm going to stand back and wait. I promise though to anyone who's reading this, if he fucks it up again there will never be a Craig and Ashley. I can't believe he asked me to marry him and then tells fucking Paige that he likes her and has for a long time. So lets recap. He loves me and doesn't want anyone but me, or so he said, but he has feelings for Alex AND Paige and he told me he had feelings for Alex. It's just so fucked up.

Whatever I'm going to bed I'm not in the mood to sit in front of this computer right now.


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[[Ok, so here's the deal. I'm in Arkansas now and everything, but my personal computer is broke, and has been for awhile, sooo the only internet access I have is my dad's computer. He works nights, so that's when I'm able to get on, however, I can not download AIM on it right now, but within the next few weeks I should be able to get my own computer back. Let's all cross ours fingers. I'm sorry I haven't been on sooner, but stuff's been crazy. Hopefully I'll be able to get back into the rping groove again soon!!!

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Craig and I are back together, finally. Alot of stuff has happened over the last few days, but it's not something that needs to just be thrown out in my journal for anyone in the world to read.

He asked me to marry him, and I said yes. We are going to eplope soon and then after we graduate will have an offical ceremony. We also had sex for the first time and it was everything I had hoped it'd be a more. It was nothing like when I lost my virginity to Jimmy. I'm just so happy that everything is working out again. I love him so much!

Taken from CraigCollapse )

My birthday is coming up. w0ot I'm about to be 18, omfg. I'm excited/scared.

July 5th everyone, watch out for it.

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All Better

Ok, so I'm better now. Craig did this really sweet thing. ((If you want to read them then you have to go to degrassirecords and look at the comments to Ashley's student record, and there's some in the comments on our journals as well.)) He left me a bunch of anonymous comments and said all this really sweet stuff, and it took me awhile to figure out it was him, but it was really sweet.

I still love him so much, but I'm way confused right now! It sucks!

Ok so yeah, everyone else is doing this thing, so I'm gonna do it to.

post anomously in my journal:
An insult.
A secret.
A criticism.
A compliment.
A death threat.
A love note.
Lyrics to a song.
A hint to who you are.
And then check to see if i guessed you


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New Journal in Town

So I heard about this whole livejournal thing and thought "a journal, why not?" So now Ashley Michelle Kerwin has a livejournal. : P

Well everything's going ok right now. I've been hanging out with Ellie and Spinner alot. I know Spinner you think, well him and I have gotten closer since school let out, so I guess you could say we are friends now. After him and Paige broke up it was like he lost himself, so he had to start over, and I really like the person he's becoming.

Well, so I'm going to make my journal friend's only, so weirdo's can't come in and read my journal, so you're going to have to ask to be added bizatches! ♥

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