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I don't get star struck anymore

'cause, baby, I'm a headline now

Summer Leigh
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My name is Summer. I'm a 26 year old Cinema Studies/Film major. After I get my bachelor's degree, I hope to move to the UK, where I'll pursue careers in directing and screenwriting. I'm a lesbian, and single at the moment. Writing and television are my absolute passions and most of the time I can be found RPing various fictional characters. In my free time I also read, write fanfiction, and make icons. My favorite authors are Chuck Palahniuk and Audrey Niffenegger and my favorite bands are Belle & Sebastian, Elliott Smith, Kasabian, and The Smiths.
Doctor Who. Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes. Nathan Barley. The Mighty Boosh. The Time Traveler's Wife. London. Rayban Wayfarers. Damask print. Doc Martens. Tragic love stories. Vodka & cranberry. Daisy Lowe. Celebrity Gossip. Noel Fielding. John Simm. Nail polish. Dark comedy.
My LJ is friends only, but feel free to friend me. I'm not really particular on who friends me, as long as we have something in common. Please let me know that you're friending me, though, and tell me where you know me from. Otherwise it's a little creepy to just have someone show up on my flist who I don't recognize and has never spoken to me. Also, if you're just here to see my fanfic or icon posts, you don't have to friend me, because those will always be unlocked.
My LJ layout and header are always made by me. My Gwen/Owen moodtheme is from ninnui and the code for this profile box is from reversescollide. My user info header is by littlebitraw.

Marriage is love.