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"Walking like you're stuck in velvet snow.." ^_^


"put on your red shoes and dance the blues!"™
31 July 1906
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hello, you can call me leanne.
i love watching every flim ever, reading and listening to music from alll decades,

my friends are
sellmymemory and
p.s. they're all a bit mad, but dont tell them i told you.
And in my spare time my bum is glued to this computer chair

just add me if you'd like i bet your very interesting. :D


at the moment i have a pulled muscle in my bum, it hurts alot :(
you: ew, too much info matee.

god! that [above] was ages ago. when i was doing my sats!! i remember because there was alot of getting up and off chairs, it was very uncomfortable.