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_emma_peel_'s Journal

7 September
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I looove books! My very favourite authors are Carol O'Connell, Donna Andrews, Janet Evanovich, Tamora Pierce, Cynthia Heimel, Sharon Shinn, Anne McCaffery, Sheri S. Tepper, John Dunning, and Carl Hiassen. I am going to puke if I hear the words "Harry Potter" one more time. Since I work in a book store, this seems likely. I am an amateur book collector - I have first editions and signed copies of many of my favourite books. In the fall, I will be going to the U of Alberta for the Master of Library and Information Science program. Yay, librarians! I also review books for my local paper, woot!

I also love animals. I have many chinchillas (one is preggo!), 5 cats, 2 cockatiels, a lory, and 5 flying squirrels. I spend a lot of time in PetSmart. PetLand is EVIL. They mistreat animals and buy from puppy mills. The San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park rock, not just as places to see animals, but also for their conservation efforts.

I am addicted to sugar, and especially like trying foreign candy. Dear England: I am jealous of fruit-flavoured Smarties.

Pre-Raphaelite art kicks ass, as do Brian Froud and Maxfield Parrish.

I miss the 80s, especially the kick-ass cartoons like Rainbow Brite, Jem, and Lady Lovely Locks. I also miss David Bowie'a awesome hair, a la "Labyrinth." Mmmm, Bowie.

I run a small business with my Mom and one of my sisters called Stellaluna Jewellery. The website is http://www.stellaluna.ca, and the prices are retail (knock off half for wholesale). We have lots of bright pink, orange, green, and blue for Spring - it rocks!

I am also a member of Craftster! I do dirty cross stitch (eg, "Go Fuck Yourself" with a floral border), embroidery, etc. My username there is Emma Peel. On the Gutter, the bestest Yahoo Group ever, I am known as Sid.