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too much spandex on the brain
Omg you guys! Thank you! The luck worked - passed the viva. Still can't quite believe it's true. ♥

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Argh, so. I have my PhD viva tomorrow, and I'm terrified. I feel so unprepared for it - 3 hours to prove that I know what I'm talking about and right now I just want to run away and not turn up. But I believe in the power of the internet, so if anyone has any spare luck to send my way, I'd very much appreciate it. ♥

Current Mood: anxious anxious

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You guys! I finally submitted the Thesis of Doom!!! The thing that's kept me away from fandom proper for so long I can't even remember!

I'm not quite there yet - I still have to have the viva - but the long slog to get the beast written up is finally, finally over. I don't even know what to do with myself.

Wait. Yes I do. Recs! Please please please rec me stuff! Anything really - it's been SO LONG. I'm also moving house this weekend and will be internetless for a couple of weeks, so I'd love to get a few nice long fics stored up, if any are around.

♥ ♥ ♥

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So maybe I'm going to try and post something a little more often than every four months. I am actually still alive, despite having a heart full to bursting with love for Adam Lambert. wildestranger and I managed to get to see him perform at G-A-Y last night, and cut for incoherent squee and rampant abuse of capslockCollapse )

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I'm off to to the country for Christmas family visit part II this afternoon, so I just wanted to get in a quick Happy Holidays! ♥
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Reason #7543 why I love Star Trek

Spock: Brace yourselves. The area of penetration will no doubt be sensitive.

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I've been a bit absent recently - I didn't have a day off all February with the one positive result being my boss seeming to approve of me. Sometimes I wish I could have that kind of crazy work ethic all the time, but then I remember things like actually having a life. All work and no play is most definitely not my kind of thing, and to make up for it, the last few days have been made of awesome:

♥ I stole a fleshdress for squee and shopping and bought some lovely shoes with multi-coloured hearts on them. They may be for children, but I maintain that they wouldn't make them in my size if they didn't want me to wear them.

♥ I then got myself a wildestranger and we saw Fall Out Boy, resulting in much, much joy. Pyrotechnics! Faily handclapping (mine)! Patrick regaining speaking privileges (and being all kinds of adorable)! Pete being, well, Pete! Insane jealousy of Joe's hair! Gabeisms! Hey Monday were also adorable and pocket-sized and I think I'd like to keep them. I was particularly taken with the bassist (I think) skipping about the stage. Just not enough boys skip these days.

♥ Patrick's thighs. I fully admit to not really getting what the fuss was about before, but I have spent the past day or so thinking of little else.

♥ Many ugly new scarves. I blame Ryan Ross (as is so often the case). A particularly fantastic one is orange and purple and has anchors AND fish on it. It's amazing.

♥ I can't stop playing the Fall Out Boy Trail. It's just not getting any less funny the more I play it.

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful

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At last I have a fully-functioning laptop! I could just hug it if only it weren't so unyielding, but hey, I might just do it anyway. It has new innards and has even come back clean! And takes less than a billion years to start up! It's amazing!

So yes, what have I missed? How are you all? I hope everything has been behaving itself nicely and no one else has grown a silly moustache whilst I've not been looking? There have been concerts, weddings and piercings during my abrupt internet hiatus, which I'm sure I'll ramble on about once I stop being excited and caught up on things. For now I think I need to go and look at some stupid faces. Oh internet, how I've missed you!

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...well, not any moreCollapse )

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Oh, I'm so, so tired and yet still full of squee. Work was just not happening today.

Sectus, DH (SPOILERS), and general loveCollapse )

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