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Is anybody out there even listening to my story? [28 May 2010|02:54am]
Once again, I've fallen into the same situation. The crush, me, and then their girlfriend. Maybe I subconsciously do it; fall for the one that is already taken so that that pressure doesn't fall on me. Because as much as I feel that I am ready for a relationship, a real one, I think I am also too afraid to try and then find out that I'm not "relationship material" or that I'm too boring or "too" something else negative. And so I told myself that this time it would be different. That I wouldn't let myself be that other girl again. But I only have a few weeks left before I leave for Alaska, and I know I will be forgotten in that time. And so nothing has happened, but that just means it hasn't happened yet, which just means it will happen sometime, sometime soon. And, like always, it will make me happy for that instant, but as soon as he leaves to go back to his lady friend, the feelings of guilt, loneliness and bitterness will wash over me. At least they'll only last through the night til I see him the next day, where I am once again the center of his attention for my fifteen minutes of fame.

:) [12 Feb 2010|12:15am]
I looooooveee UCF webcourses! <3 <3


2:If it's really that hard to handle, you can choose to withdraw, and maybe you should change your major while you're at it.
Sigh, the future of our education :)

1:Get off your high horse...maybe you should change your major since obviously you have no empathy which is key in the education field. Your going to get a lot of students who are going to have a difficult time with things. And what are you going to say to them...."Oh well maybe you should just quit." To me type of attitude suggests you are not in the right major.

2:Darling, I have plenty of empathy, for those deserving of it. However, you are an adult who will very soon be in a classroom, and are seemingly incompetent of reading a syllabus or the various information links scattered throughout the webcourse. Oh, and not to mention your perfect eloquence on your opinion of the course: "this sucks". Instead of acting like the professional student/future teacher, that attitude is more reminiscent of the pubescent teens we will have in our schools. In layman's terms, "grow up".

play-by-play [27 Mar 2009|03:46pm]
so i really fucked myself over today.

two days ago:
wednesday morning i awoke and looked in the mirror, naturally. my face is covered in these tiny bumps. i've never had an allergic reaction to anything, but this is what i assumed it was. i racked my brain for any new products i might've started using, but could think of none.

one day ago:
thursday morning, the rash is now visible along my neck and chest. it's not itchy; more uncomfortable, like the feeling of being sunburned where you suddenly have a recollection that your body is covered in skin. things like bras and purse straps become a nuisance.

since cassidy's bday would be the next day, along with her bday dinner, i decided i would call out, using this rash as an excuse.

eight hours ago:
i set my alarm for 8 am to schedule an appointment with the dermadoc. i figured if i was going to call out for being sick, i should have some sort of note with an M.D.'s signature to ensure my validity.

as i walked to the bathroom, the nausea that had hit me earlier in the week was even more acute. so acute that i could taste it, literally. i threw up some in the sink and then i moved to mark my territory upon the toilet bowl. this is what alanis morisette should've been singing about in her song. this was ironic. i had to call out of work.

six hours ago:
i walked into the minute clinic across the street. the doctor was french black, maybe haitian or something, but not the ones that roam garage sales ready to barter. i explained all my symptoms. he thinks i'm pregnant. i say "oh no, i've never had sex." he stares at me, smirks, and asks "when was the last time?" i say "no. i've never had sex. never." him, "oh. it's not that i don't believe you, it's just rare (especially with you being such a hot little number)."

five hours ago:
i leave the clinic with two shots of two somethings in one butt cheek, two shots of two other somethings in my other butt cheek. whatever the second something was, that hurt the most. i am sent to the hospital for some blood work and a sonogram.

three hours ago:
after using my flea market skills with the co-pay authorizer, my payment drops from $350 to $177 (maybe i've got some haitian in me). i get my blood taken out and have to pee in the cup, which i don't know how to aim for, resulting in most of the pee falling into the toilet.

two hours ago:
i am finally called for the sonogram. i've had a sonogram before, so i thought i knew what to expect. that lady dug that camera into my abdomen with such force that i wished i was pregnant so she would back the fuck up. then she tells me she needs to perform a vaginal ultrasound. i was told to undress. i was utterly embarrassed. i have been very unkempt in the nethers. remember that scene in waiting where the crazy hormonal girl decides to partake in the game of flashing genitalia? yeahhhhh...

the lady comes back in the room and lubes up the probe, says "open wide", and that's how i lost my virginity to mrs. dawn diehl.
..16.sOUR Sop.|banana

[22 Mar 2009|02:20am]
though i'm not exactly religious, whenever i get sick i always think it's god punishing me for something i've done wrong.

well. at about 7 pm tonight, i was suddenly hit with acute nausea. loosely, i think i've been coveting thy neighbor's wife. loosely, not really my neighbor, not really a wife, but coveting nonetheless.

i must make a pilgrimage to the holy land. (i'll go to church tomorrow and drop a five into the collection basket. automatic redemption.)
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for the nerds [18 Mar 2009|11:17am]
fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

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[17 Mar 2009|10:31pm]
just when i think i've got an understanding on this number theory business, i'm bombarded with ridiculous proofs that are nowhere on the internet. in case anyone is interested, this is what hell looks like. if ANY of you out in lj world can help, please please do. i will do anything.

in other news. i took a break from studying to watch idol. i am obsessed with this boy.

he starts singing at about 1:36. shit is hotttt.
..4.sOUR Sop.|banana

krazy aznz [11 Mar 2009|01:08am]
My filipino manager says to me "raquel, you know how you make your pussy not smell bad? you get your husband's trimmer, clean it up, and squeeze a lemon on it." i told her i had a bottle of lemon juice in my fridge; that i'd try it. she said "nooooo. you need the pulp."

in other news: alaska '09, here i come! i expect fan mail galore. oh and lotsa noodz so's i can decorate.

picture of the day
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[20 Feb 2009|03:43am]
so i was catching up with a good friend. and she fills me in on the week's events. there was some cleaning, some fun, and some cherry-poppin. wtf. now i really am the only one left.

pop that pussy! pop, pop that pussy!
..6.sOUR Sop.|banana

[24 Jan 2009|12:52pm]
streaking was liberating. ass and titties bouncing up and down in the florida cold, the feel of the pavement under my feet, the sole sound, ten runners running for a cause, the string of my tampon flying in the wind like the tail of a kite...

...i am a kite runner. i am a streaker.
..11.sOUR Sop.|banana

[23 Jan 2009|12:59am]
i've never been one for love, marriage, kids...but lately, it's surrounding me; wanting to find someone, wanting to have some purpose.

and so, i've been going out and having a good time. last night there was a boy. we danced with our feet and we danced with our lips. but it was terrible. he was too short and left me with a bruised lip. i'll keep looking.

i'll be going to revolutions on monday. maybe i'll have better luck with a lady.

p.s. make sure no headlights are out on your car and that your tags aren't expired, or rather, just don't drive naureen's car. cuz you will get pulled over. and it'll be too cold for you to want to flash your goods to get out of a ticket.

p.p.s american idol is going to puerto rico next week. it will probably be the funniest thing i will ever see.
..7.sOUR Sop.|banana

[24 Nov 2008|07:32am]
i hate how people think they can pull off an english accent just by saying " 'ello gov'nor " or "cheerio" or "bloody hell" or "wingardium leviosa"

..5.sOUR Sop.|banana

ugh [15 Nov 2008|12:23am]
i hate when you put food in your mouth, it's half-chewed and your nose starts a-tickling, nostrils a-flaring, and all of a sudden "ACHOO!" and out spews your half-eaten ding dong into your hand

i also hate inappropriate commercials. like, tampon commercials played on spike tv, and that old person life saving buzzer thing commercial with the grandma sprawled on the floor reaching for someone/something that isn't there that they play on mtv.

lastly, i hate guys that talk to you with dip in their mouths, or just chew it in general. as if their nearly castrating dungarees aren't attractive enough, they then force you to stare at the gruesome black/green/shit wad in their mouth as you wait and hope he's done talking soon before the dribble starts to make its way out of his mouth. once you go spic you never go hick.
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Raquel is a slut VS. Raquel is slutty [22 Sep 2008|11:50pm]
I was doing some research...

are nouns more offensive than adjectives?

Is "he's a Jew" more offensive than "he's Jewish"?
Is "he's a gay" more offensive than "he's gay"?

Is it more offensive to be proclaimed as something or to be described by it?
..8.sOUR Sop.|banana

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [17 Sep 2008|10:42pm]
The college classes I am in are full of idiots. These sorority girls in my Stats II class had a 20-minute conversation about the new Facebook and their hate of its new features. Though I may've agreed with some of what they said, if one is stupid-looking on the outside, I think one should take extra precaution to ensure others that the inside is less stupid. Also, some things just aren't meant to be talked about in public. You don't make black jokes in public lest a black man walk around the corner. And I don't like being around the mentally handicapped for fear that they will ooze spittle in my ear if trying to tell me a secret, but I don't project this sentiment in my Stats II class for the population to hear; I keeps it to meself.
..1.sOUR Sop.|banana

yo, soy un perdedor [11 Sep 2008|11:03pm]
some people read when they're bored. others smoke or drink. most turn on some porn and beat it...

this is what i do...Collapse )
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[11 Sep 2008|06:02pm]

who wants to go see copeland with me?

(i'm hoping this gets more responses than n.e.r.d. :( )
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you're contagious, touch me baby [10 Aug 2008|01:35am]
so, this weekend i realized that R.Kelly is not such a bad person. sometimes the kid is just that irresistible. and you might just wanna throw age out the window and pounce. i'm in love.

andres mira<3<3
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[29 Jul 2008|09:57pm]
why are all the guys i meet such fuckin cowards? i need a manly man. someone who can not only stand up for me, but to me. i want a guy who's gonna throw me around, beat me up a little bit. i need a black guy.
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[04 Jun 2008|01:20am]
everyone says that once i stop lookin for him is when he'll show up.

i reference this to a game of mario. a castle or ghosthouse level. when you're looking at the ghosts they don't move, but as soon as you turn your back on them, they follow.

well, i just hope if he does reach me, i don't die like mario.
..10.sOUR Sop.|banana

[01 Jun 2008|02:08am]
you know it's time for a new pair of shoes when after walking and dancing in them all day, you take them off and they smell like butterscotch.
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