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[26 Feb 2009|10:34pm]
I've turned into one of those people who can't remember life without their significant other.
Oh how much I have to learn starting now.
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[06 Jan 2008|03:56am]
someone hacked into my journal and changed the password...wtf?

probably deleting this soon.
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[01 Apr 2007|10:50am]
Yesterday morning my parents told me officially that I can go to Emerson!

Then last night I got into a really stupid car accident and the back of my car is fucked.

Today is my last MHSTW performance and its a really weird feeling. I don't know what I'm going to say in circle.
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[24 Jan 2007|05:33pm]
My new life goals are as follows, and are documented here because the internet is forever.

Graduate from Emerson
Move to Japan
Pay off massive Emerson debt
Move home and get a Japanese business consulting job
Get rich quick
Marry somebody who will buy the following home with me:
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[10 Oct 2006|11:13pm]
More and more I find the need for Dr Mierzwiak's services.
I wish it was possible to wipe the slate clean in order to get back the first spark of a truly great love.
I know somewhere in my heart that it is impossible to completely forgive and forget the awful things we all do to each other.
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[07 Oct 2006|01:52pm]
Senior year is going really well.
My grades are better than usual. I haven't had to go on depression meds.
I'm director of the drama and its really awesome.
Being Class President is crazy. I spend 3/4 of my day doing shit for it. But I like it and have been able to balance all my other things with it.
Extended Day is terrible and I miss everyone who used to work with me there last year.
I visited Emerson and I really want to go.
Our class is making lots of $$$.
The Pep Rally was the best we've had since I've been in HS.
The football team rulz.

Andrew took me to Regina last night and it was so amazing. Its probably the most amazing show I've ever been to.
She sounded better than the album and she had the entire audience (excluding a dozen dumb drunks) captivated.
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[29 Aug 2006|01:15am]
So today will be m first day of senior year.
I'm not weirded out yet but I probably will be halfway through the day.
I spent this weekend finishing the Ever After script and I am proud of myself for adapting motherfucking 120 pages of mush.
I was supposed to spend all day today with Andrew but he is in NYC instead because whenever we make epic plans, modes of transportation die.
Its kind of a good thing he didn't come home because I spent all day today preparing for school and I'm still not ready.
I went to MHS and gave things to Mr McCallum.
Then I applied for a parking thing with Mrs Duca.
Then I tried to find Mrs Nelson to give her the Petit Prince bookmark I got her in France but she has a different classroom! And I have no clue where. I am kind of upset because I've spent so much time in that room
Then I tried to find Mrs Kingkade/Mr McIntyre to see if our senior tshirts arrived but they were missing too.
Then I went to Staples and almost ran over 10.5 million bratty children in the parking lot.
Then I went to the library and got a plethora of books to do m AP Euro assignment and Measure for Measure by Shakespeare on CD. Whats up summer listening.

Currently I have finished 1 1/2 AP Euro research papers. I have listened to half of Measure for Measure.
I still need to finish 1 1/2 AP Euro research papers. Listen to half of Measure for Measure. Read sparknotes for some other summer reading book.

No one uses livejournal anymore. But this is helping me clear my sleep racing brain so I can continue on and somehow finish my assignments by 6 so I can then shower and go to school and not have to drop AP Euro.
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[17 Aug 2006|12:07am]
I am home safe and sound.
I am still jetlagged and not very fun to hang out with but Andrew is patient with me.
Monday I felt nauseous so I had to go home.
Tuesday I was really sleepy while we watched Fawlty Towers. Its neat to be friends with someone who apprecicates Fawlty Towers like my mom and I do.
I took my senior pictures today. I hope they turn out nice even though I smile awkwardly.
Andrew pointed out how its kind of weird that I had variations on blonde hair all through highschool and then in my senior pictures I'm brunette.
My replacement class ring came in the mail.
I have to finish the Ever After script by Monday.
The foundation of our future new house was started. I saw a picture and its weird to actually see something on our formerly empty land.
It's really weird that I am a Senior and that the house is being built because it felt like these two things would never happen.
I don't know when Colleen is coming home. But she better come home soon.
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[10 Aug 2006|04:58pm]
I am scared and I want to come home.
I am sick of wondering what other awful things are going to happen before my flight Monday.
I'm not flying through Heathrow at all but I'm flying on American Airlines into the US.
Which are 2 criteria of targeted planes.
I want my beagle and my kitty and my Andrew and my couch.
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[09 Jul 2006|03:19am]
I saw Devil Wears Prada this morning.

Then I came home and watched Memoirs of a Geisha, Evita, and Bridget Jones' Diary 2.

I also ate lots of chocolate cake.

I am a wreck. I don't know what to do with myself.

PS Both of my parents have semi-serious relationships with other people, and are both out on fabulous dates that I'm jealous of. My mom and her guy are eating mediterranean food and listening to Blue Grass and my dad is probably taking his lady to a show of some sort. Jealous.
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[04 Jul 2006|06:53am]
If I see another infomercial for the magic bullet this summer my brain will explode!
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[03 Jul 2006|06:16pm]
No mom and dad, I don't want to meet your gf/bf.
I'm glad they're happy but no I don't want to interpret every call or hand gesture or whatever.

In addition to having 14 year old parents, today I was sexually harrassed at the gas station by Wendys (How do you know there's a blonde on the computer? There's white stuff all over the screen! etc etc), my bank teller hit on me, and I walked by Nick Miller & his friend 3 times in Framingham.

Summer is ok. My job is cool. Pretty soon I will have saved enough to buy a new laptop, but I'm waiting until Apple comes out with Leapord. I don't want to get my macbook and then its obsolete a month later because there's a new operating system out. My Dell has pretty much shit the bed. There are a million keys missing, it runs slower than I do, the space bar doesn't work, and I can't move it from the spot its in or things inside will go loose and it'll die. Currently I'm using an iBook from my moms work that I tried to soup up, but its from 2002 and its like Mac os x 10.2 or some shit.

I wish Wes Anderson would stop pissing about and get started on a new movie already!

This makes no sense all together.
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[26 Jun 2006|04:28pm]
Fingers crossed, I so far have the best baby sitting job ever.
I'm basically getting payed to have the siblings I never had.
They are really cute. And really smart. And really fun. And really clean.
So I am hoping that because they started out so awesome that when they're pissy they won't be too bad.
Also, they have a really cute fuzzy dog that I am obsessed with.
So happy.
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[15 Jun 2006|10:54pm]
School is almost done.
Im President again.
Our shirts will rule if I ever finish them.
I am going to miss Moffy =[ I can't believe he's really leaving us after all these years of emotionally abusive orchestra
I gained 5 lbs from HOBY and have no plans on how to lose them
I start babysitting in a week and I can't wait!
I need a second job because...
I might be going to Japan with Colleen and Mr Robitaille and Mr Nelson Jr and Jing Liu and some other ladiez. And Jeremiah. I really hope it works out.
I can't wait to spend my summer days with cute little girlies and my summer nights with all kinds of friends and Colleen and Andrew.

PS A certain young dashingly awkward Yale graduate asked me tonight if I was related to Elisha Cuthbert and proceeded to try and convince me I look like her. This made my night because she rules.
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[12 Jun 2006|10:57pm]
I made dozens of new friends this weekend
but I think in exchange I may have just lost the one that matters the most.
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[03 Jun 2006|12:23am]
School is almost done
I got a 630 on my US History SAT IIs
Colleen and I are going to learn a song on the fiddle and autoharp for my research paper on Appalachia
Please remember to vote for me next Friday for President against Tab Volpe. Nuff said.
HOBY next weekend.
Andrew is getting a cellphone so I'll see him more. Happy.
12 days left
then a week and a half of romping
then I have a sweet job babysitting two awesome girls 8-330 each weekday
I might go to Chicago for 3 days to visit University of Chicago and Loyola
and my mom and I are going to London and Paris for a week
Things are generally good.

senior t-shirts are going to be awesome. and we have plenty of money for next year. and we have sweet fundraisers coming up this year and the next. I'm a lot more excited to be a senior than I thought I'd be.

PS Please don't touch my feet. Its not funny. Seriously guys.
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Longwinded. [09 May 2006|09:31pm]
This will not be a list of why you're terrible or why you're really the trashy slut, etc. etc.
That's not my style, although it seems to be yours.

I really wish for both our sakes that you could find a more mature way of handling things than trying to ruin someone's reputation via livejournal.
You are 19 years old and it baffles me that you haven't matured at all in the past 3 years.
I'm only using this because its the only form of communication you seem to value.
If you have more to say to me please feel free to let me know via e-mail or something. I'm only replying to this in particular in public because I think I deserve a chance to defend myself against your malicious and unwarranted accusations.

If you believe everything you hear, then you really better check the source before making wild accusations. While I'm not thrilled with you, all of the things you said are not true. I can't stand you now because of your increasingly intolerable actions, but believe me the last 3 years were not spent secretly hating you. Its impossible to spend that much time with somebody if you don't really want to.

We've both had our occassional moments in the past few years of shit talking, gossiping, and being upset with each other for whatever reasons.
But as I told you a few weeks ago, neither of us are perfect and this was very much a two way street. To play innocent and act like you never ran around doing the same if not worse to me is disgusting.

As far as being fake, if you're referring to my hair or the fact I went tanning for prom (which I've noticed you've been doing) then I'm sorry you can't find a better reason to dislike me. If its about eating meat, I'm sorry you can't understand that my hair is falling out and that I need to put my health first. I find it very troubling you can't look past my exterior and see I'm still essentially the same person. You have changed dramatically many times over the past few years but I was able to remember that you did not.

The only other thing I'd like to say is that I hope everyone who read that vicious propaganda can see past the upset and immature girl and can realize that we all make mistakes. I made those mistakes and I do not regret them because they have helped me to not make them now. Your best friend who I cheated on has forgiven me, yet you seem unable to. I'm not sure what the actions you referenced have to do with you and why they're any of your business, but I think its really time for you to let go of your animosity for those things. I only hurt 2 people. One has forgiven me, one has not, and I understand why. This slut is happily in a monogomous relationship and plans to stay that way. I also think, Betsy, that you should explore your own conscience about things you've done in the past. I think you'll find equally questionable things in your past, at right around the same age if not older. We all have things we'd like to forget or simply erase out of our lives, but those things are there to make them stronger. I have learned lessons in all of my follies and that is probably what matters the most. Everything happens for a reason whether you intend for it or not.

Ultimately I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish. All of your arguments were either based on false statements or irrelevent to why you're upset with me. Again, I wish you'd talk to me rather than making up excuses to lash out at me and blame me for your own unhappiness. I wish you good luck at college, and I hope you can find this happiness you seem to be lacking the past few weeks. You're a good person and I hope you find whatever it is you're looking for that I lack.

I'm sorry I had to use this as a medium to get this across, but there are a number of people who really need to see my side of this.
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[14 Feb 2006|04:04am]
My pre-birthday weekend was nice. I'm glad I got to hang out with Betsy and Timmy.
My birthday was nice. I got nice presents and cake and sushi.
I saw Sebastian for the last time last night. He's got spleen and prostrate cancer.
My dad flew in last night and is going to see him today. Then I guess they'll probably put him down today.
Everything reminds me of the little guy and it's bumming me out.
I hope my dad is ok.
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[05 Feb 2006|10:57pm]

I got my prom dress and I have a prom date and prom is almost entirely planned so I am happy.

Puppy bowl was awesome. Better than last year due to the plethora of beagles and beagle mixes as well as the kitty half time show.

has anyone on earth ever actually finished Fever Pitch?

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[01 Feb 2006|06:23pm]
My brain has officially begun to atrophy.
Croissants first mod followed by a movie followed by SAT review followed by 84 minutes of Holocaust/Animal Testing denial.
Suggest worthwhile yet discrete things to keep myself occupied with during class.

At work an autistic boy raised his hand and said wicked loudly SO AND SO JUST SAID VAGINA and I nearly died.

I need a prom dress.
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