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#242: Hey, you fuck! [
8/28/06 at 11pm
Quite a lovely day, if I do say so myself!

Woke up around ten am, showrered, did the papers, did a bit of AP, andwent out to lunch at Panera with Megan. It was really really nice, andwe discussed senior year and AP classes and summer work and all thatgood stuff! We were sad Athina couldn't make it though. :[! We arehopefully going to get together again, all three of us, so that will bereally cool. :]

After my scrumptious lunch, I came home, did AP for like four hours,and then called the love of my life, Talia, and we went to JohnnyRocket's and then to Independence Park. That's like one my mostfavorite places now. Talia's, too. I just love going there with herebecause we talk about everything and it's just so quiet there, and thesound and sight of the water is so calming, just listening to thewaves. So we were literally there forever. Like from 7-11. It wasawesome. Then Margaret Grace and her friends came, and Talia knew themand we chatted with them for a long time. Then we split.

Me and Talia are losers and swap books. I gave her The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Fuck-Up, and A Million Little Pieces.In return she gave me Wasteland, Dreamland, and Locked Inside. I'mreally excited to read them. So excited that I may even begin to readthem tonight. I'm not sure which one I would like to begin readingfirst. They all sound really really marvy groovy beans and fab withknobs.

I've also realized Talia is a WEIRDO 'cause she doesn't like iced tea!!! LOSER. :] Kidding. Love you, nigger.

Cheers. xxx

#238: Confess. [
7/7/06 at 5pm
It's open to the public and IP Address Logging is turned off. Hey, make it worth my/your while!

It's like talking to someone's voice mail, only I promise not to ever call you back.

Confess anything you like: terrible, trivial, tragicomic, tantalizing,whatever. Anonymously or otherwise. Wipe that conscience clean. I want to hear it all.

I won't tell a single soul. Pinkie swear.


#235: You have upset the beef tree. [
7/2/06 at 12am
Snog FestCollapse )

Acceso Negado. [
6/21/04 at 6pm
♥Solamente Amigos♥Collapse )

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