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It's more than a little absurd how much, at just this very moment, I ache for Then.

Holy Hand-grenade I miss the piss outta this. The last few days I've delved into old entries. I loved having a platform on which to ramble and bounce ideas off most of the people I knew socially. And I miss reading your reactions. It makes me happy, the infrequent posts by the precious few hold-outs. For every reason one can offer not to post here, I have several words of agreement. But I will not dismiss or down-play how much I value what it was.

Having read several of my entries in a row, I'm happy with how I came across, but using the same language here that I used to use feels.... silly, maybe? Nah... But it is a little distracting. Like when you can hear your own voice echoing back on a cell phone? Like that.

I've come to fill the box with my mind several times in the last year or two, but always end up closing the window in frustrated futility. I haven't said all I've to say, but at this moment I haven't anything to offer you wouldn't expect.

(this is where i usually look back, realize i'm being vague in a not-very-cool way, and close the window. in homage to Then, i shan't.)

Fare thee well this night, those this with whom I used to share.

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