sea (_electric_monk) wrote,

My actions are often inspired by, but not wholly derived from those of others.

So I've recently become obsessed with the notion that two variables that are imperative to true happiness are humility and altruism. (i realize that technically these are two slightly different facets of the same basic essence, but the distinction feels important.)

Humility being the realization that our position at the center of our personal existence--we being the variable to which all things within our subjective sphere are tethered--shouldn't put us higher in importance than any of the other variables to which we're connected...

... and altruism being the manifestation of that realization.

This is what attracts me to the actual tenets of Christianity, as set out by Jesus' words and actions in the Bible. Whether you believe the man existed (and hopefully haven't fallen for the passe anti-Christian chic all too common among those who hold the character responsible for the idiotic and many times deplorable actions of those who claim to follow him) or not, the principles are sound. All this "do unto others" and John 15:13... If we could actually apply this to our lives, every one of us, (suspending our soul-crushing cynicism for long enough to actually fathom such a reality) it's hard to refute that utopia could spring forth as if acted upon by centrifugal force. (RightHappy)+us= an upward spiral escalating exponentially. A top spinning twice as fast as it was the moment previous, it's movements increasingly more fluid and focused.

Groove on that for a while.

(also, i'm pretty sure "passe" and "chic" are french for "i am a monster poseur.")
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