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Did you see the words?

In less than 2 months I'm going to be a father. I've never been so simultaneously ecstatic and terrified.

Among other concerns, this is the biggest commitment. And I've realized how much of a colossal commitment-phobe I am. (seriously. if prosy wasn't so much more than i'll ever deserve, i'd probably never have gotten married.)

But, as with most everything in my life, once the lap-bar is locked and the ride starts I face things with a vocal sense of optimism/idealism, with a quieter yet ever-present undercurrent of cautious apprehension.

This will be good. *smile*

Also, I started this journal listening to chillingly good music whilst complaining of tooth pain and making cryptic quips that weren't witty to anyone else but me. I think time is like a feedback loop. Sure, it cycles. But with every pass, it losses something and picks something else up. But with enough similarities to confuse you into unknowingly changing mentally recorded history. But if you record that feedback loop... like here... you don't quite get an exact representation, but a few of the important parts get put in place with something that in hindsight will appear like permanence.
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