sea (_electric_monk) wrote,

I could live in hope.

Sometimes my confusion is more palpable than my hope.

There seems to be a marked difference between "feeling like a kid again" and "feeling the way you wanted to feel when you were a kid." Maybe the difference lies in the misconception many of us as kids held that the elation we occasionally experienced was sustainable. (i mean, while we'd all be happier in a sense, it just isn't practical to wander around with a perpetual sense of child-like awe. who would ever get anything done?)

These days I feel like a kid again. And while I'm partially referring to the feeling you had when you realized you didn't understand as much as you thought you did, more importantly I feel like a kid in that I definitely feel a strong faith in infinite possibility; it's ability to contain within it so much joy/love/happy as well as creative and/or interpersonal fulfillment.

Inside my eyes are wide with the possibilities of, not if, but when.
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