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This is Friends Only. Please be atleast 16 years old. I'd like some sort of maturity around this place. This journal is strictly a documentation of my everyday life, my opinions, and a little bit of freebies every now and then. If you don't care to learn about my life or can't respect my opinions, I suppose you just pass by and go on to the next journal. It would also do you good if we had any common interests, I'm not "requiring" it but it would be nice so we already have some sort of common ground to maybe base a building friendship off of. And if it's not too much to ask, please add me first.

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I'll be back May 25, 2005. I need a short break. It's my last day of school and I'm sure I'll have some stupid heartfelt entry about how fun my junior year of high school was...This post was pointless. I could have just waited til the 25th to post. Anyways, cool pics from Carabeth's 18th Birthday/Graduation Party coming up.
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Clueless Moodtheme

I doubt anyone would be interested but I made it since Clueless is like a girl's must have.



Credit _eighty8 in your userinfo if you use these. Directions on installation are in zipfile. Please upload to your own server! Thanks everyone!

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