& she's so scared (_egotisticalboy) wrote,
& she's so scared


stayed after with kristen, chelsea, dennis, kyle, brian, ally, and beth.
i think thats it?
the wendy's guy told us that Wendy's is no Camp Snoopy.
it was funny.

dance off in the lobby
& dancing in the parking lot.
hah. yeah.
later kidsz.

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    ew new livejournal! notyourgameb0y because this sucks balls

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    livejournal lockdown;; friends only from here on in. comment to be added, you aren't otherwise.

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    I don't want this journal anymore. It's too, idk, Dennis. It's too pathetic. It's not cool. I have a new one. Add me, & I'll add you back.…

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