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stayed after.
it was fun.
school sucked.
actually, photography was fun
because me & alana drew random things
like farmers and ambulances and suessical trees
and umm, we had a sub.
yeahhh. the guy in the vodeio had a really bad nose.
went to the middle school.
stayed after with
brian, dennis, jess rinn, chelsea, and maria.
they brought the dead bird.
oh my god, it's gross.
i was like, screaming.
i'm such a baby, aha.
and we will slide down those stairs.
seriously, we gotta.
later kids <3

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ew. we're going to a funeral on tuesday or wedesday.
ew. i hate funerals.
ewww. i have to wear a suit.

ew, i might miss school for this? no no no no no.

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  • i'm a pessimist.

  • i'm not fun. i don't 'hang out' at all.

  • i take things too seriously.

  • i'm too critical of myself.

  • even when i do take things seriously, i don't take them seriously enough, and it kills me.

  • i'm tired all the time for no reason.

  • good news makes me sad, sometimes.

  • i'm not actually being compared to people, i'm comparing myself to them & losing.

  • i'm a hypocrite for telling kristen not to hate herself when i'm doing the same thing

  • everything i did this year was fake.

  • in fact, this is the year where i lost a good portion of my buddies and hated most of the ones i kept.

  • there are maybe four that never get on my nerves anymore kristen. amanda, alana, and beth. and they still irritate me occasionally. i know i irritate them.

  • i hate lists.

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fsjnzxmf, bzfdnfdz

today was fun
meghan lacorte & maria drama?
whatevv. made it worthwhile.
stayed after with maria, kristen,
chelsea, brian, stephanie.
sal played peacemaker
& he was bad at it.

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the concert was fun x 1765484376534
sat with amanda & jesusface
and umm, we talked the whole time
& observed audience members
& made up stories to the band songs
& it was amazing fun.
but we sucked. mhmm, no denial.

i had two tearjerkers today.
one was a total breakdown in front of amanda after school
&, another 15 minutes later
because of colie.
oh, my god. i love that dog.
he's going to be okay.
he will.

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i thought my dad called today
but he didn't
it was his father's wife
&, i called back
because it was on the caller ID
and she's a really nice lady.
my dad's going to call?
yeah, she's going to tell him to.

today was retarded
because kristen stood me up?
yeah, it's fucking gay.
♥ later. i just went through
an emotional phonecall.
kind of beat.

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stayed after with kristen, chelsea, dennis, kyle, brian, ally, and beth.
i think thats it?
the wendy's guy told us that Wendy's is no Camp Snoopy.
it was funny.

dance off in the lobby
& dancing in the parking lot.
hah. yeah.
later kidsz.